Apache UIMA (Unstructured Information Management Architecture) API Change Report


What is an API change report?
API Changes: uimaj-core
API Changes: uimaj-cpe
API Changes: uimaj-json
Running your own custom reports

What is an API change report?

Three of the modules in the UIMA Java SDK track API changes from version to version. The changes between this current version and the last previously released version are reported below. Each report includes a summary of Classes that were changed, together with a flag indicating if the change was a source or binary incompatible change. More details about each change are available further down in the report.

Follow the links above to get the report for each of the 3 modules.

Running additional change reports

The reports are generated by an open source tool, japicmp, which compares two versions of a Java Jar and generates the report. See that website for details on how to run this for arbitrary versions, if you want to compare other versions.