JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-3985 Resolved Incorrect use of @Override
Bug UIMA-4002 Resolved flush method of Int2IntRBT not clearing cache of lastNodeGotten
Bug UIMA-4015 Resolved logic hole in obscure case in MetaDataObject_impl
Bug UIMA-4017 Resolved plug maybe theoretical hole in setting up type systems
Bug UIMA-4031 Resolved type system initialization of built-in arrays has wrong supertype
Bug UIMA-4060 Resolved improve int set utility impls
Bug UIMA-4080 Resolved NPE when limiting to project and importing descriptor from dependency
Bug UIMA-4081 Resolved Failure to import another type system from the same project
Bug UIMA-4083 Resolved JSON Cas Serialization broken for case where FS is both ref'd and indexed
Bug UIMA-4094 Resolved moveTo(fs) where fs > all items in index is broken
Bug UIMA-4095 Resolved moveTo for bag index incorrectly setting position to 0 if not found
Bug UIMA-4099 Resolved check for addFS with wrong Sofa misses many paths
Bug UIMA-4100 Resolved deserialization of delta CASes broken in some cases
Bug UIMA-4101 Resolved IntHashSet has reversed true/false parm
Bug UIMA-4102 Resolved SerDesTest6 test case occasionally fails
Bug UIMA-4105 Resolved Creating an iterator to start at a specified FS doesn't start at the left-most
Bug UIMA-4119 Resolved jcasgen-maven-plugin generates no files on Windows
Bug UIMA-4126 Resolved if allow_duplicate_add_to_indices, delta CAS needs to remove all
Bug UIMA-4131 Resolved Limiting JCasGen scope fails in some cases
Bug UIMA-4133 Resolved Wrong method name on log message
Bug UIMA-4145 Resolved bin cas deserialization form 6 delta cas has some errors in obscure cases
Bug UIMA-4147 Resolved Deserializing XMI delta FsIntList gets wrong value
Bug UIMA-4148 Resolved Xmi Deserializing delta cas FsFloatList gets wrong value
Bug UIMA-4158 Resolved Make THROW_EXCEPTION_FS_UPDATES_CORRUPTS and friends public
Bug UIMA-4159 Resolved PositiveIntSet - forgot about offset in maybeSwitchRepresentation in one case
Bug UIMA-4167 Resolved Index protection check missing some kinds of types
Bug UIMA-4171 Resolved IntArrayRBT findInsertionPoint wrong value in one case
Bug UIMA-4181 Resolved CasCopier errors in copyFeatures
Bug UIMA-4182 Resolved Make Eclipse plugins work with Kepler level Eclipse
Bug UIMA-4183 Resolved indetermenancy in logger test
Bug UIMA-4184 Resolved IntHashSet bug in representation switch
Bug UIMA-4187 Resolved IntHashSet returns wrong values
Bug UIMA-4190 Resolved CasCopier fails to copy subtypes of string properly
Bug UIMA-4191 Resolved fix creators of FSs with uninit'ed sofaRefs to bypass index corruptn chkng
Bug UIMA-4192 Resolved IntBitSet has wrong impl around offset
Bug UIMA-4200 Resolved IntHashSet bug in converting from 2 byte to 4 byte table
Bug UIMA-4201 Resolved IntBitSet - treat offset consistently
Bug UIMA-4204 Resolved IntHashMap impl of "remove" broken
Bug UIMA-4208 Resolved JSON: ordering of subtypes of Annotation base not correct
Bug UIMA-4248 Resolved snapshot iterators over empty indexes return 1 "null"
Bug UIMA-4250 Resolved find method returns wrong fs in edge case
Bug UIMA-4267 Resolved Int2IntRBT fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception
Improvement UIMA-3399 Resolved More consistent handling of multiple add-to-index behavior for same Feature Structure
Improvement UIMA-3765 Resolved Always deliver default View to annotator process method
Improvement UIMA-3823 Resolved uimaj cleanups found with google codepro tooling
Improvement UIMA-3869 Resolved Better maven-plugin-plugin configuration
Improvement UIMA-3877 Resolved Clean up dependencies
Improvement UIMA-3887 Resolved Remove Java language level override
Improvement UIMA-3934 Resolved excess white-space in html version of cas viewer
Improvement UIMA-3936 Resolved HTML Cas Viewer floods the history list unnecessarily
Improvement UIMA-3992 Resolved test case for JCasHashMap multi-threaded not reliable
Improvement UIMA-4003 Resolved add alternative int - int maps, and int sets for better space/time performance
Improvement UIMA-4004 Resolved Switch to using int2int maps in XmiSerializationSharedData
Improvement UIMA-4012 Resolved reduce sync contention (observed)
Improvement UIMA-4013 Resolved Reduce unneeded fixed flow controller sync contention
Improvement UIMA-4024 Resolved improve packaging of JSON support in uimaj
Improvement UIMA-4028 Resolved UIMAJ Json - improve type hierarchy serialization
Improvement UIMA-4056 Resolved fix JSON tests which do XML compares to use XMLUnit
Improvement UIMA-4059 Resolved Checking for incorrect key modifications
Improvement UIMA-4061 Resolved Misc improvements to PositiveIntSet
Improvement UIMA-4082 Resolved JSON serialization views: use view name
Improvement UIMA-4108 Resolved have more things use improved indexOf for IntVector
Improvement UIMA-4111 Resolved Change how default bag indices are created
Improvement UIMA-4116 Resolved change format of JSON map names so they can be JavaScript identifiers
Improvement UIMA-4117 Resolved Change JSON format defaulting to include 0 values
Improvement UIMA-4135 Resolved support for modifying indexed FSs
Improvement UIMA-4150 Resolved Add JVM param to throw exception on index corrupting update not protected
Improvement UIMA-4151 Resolved ProcessTracing disabled should avoid call to build processTrace
Improvement UIMA-4153 Resolved maybe slight performance improvements in core
Improvement UIMA-4155 Resolved use bulk operations, avoid sort/dedup in serialization of indexed FS
Improvement UIMA-4160 Resolved improve serialization warning for multiple-refs
Improvement UIMA-4162 Resolved improve 2.7.0 docs
Improvement UIMA-4166 Resolved simplify iterators to avoid type merging juggling when order is not needed
Improvement UIMA-4172 Resolved simplify map from sofa number to view
Improvement UIMA-4173 Resolved tweaks to JCasHash map for speed
Improvement UIMA-4175 Resolved speed up lookup of JCas cover object from cache
Improvement UIMA-4178 Resolved Improve CasCopier by using low level API
Improvement UIMA-4179 Resolved reduce java object creation around Sofa info
Improvement UIMA-4188 Resolved add toIntArray method to PositiveIntSet to permit use in Delta Cas journaling
Improvement UIMA-4189 Resolved IntBitSet lookup methods sometimes fail
Improvement UIMA-4193 Resolved add toString methods to PositiveIntSet and impls
Improvement UIMA-4198 Resolved cleanup CasCopier - move test out of inner loop, improve tst
Improvement UIMA-4205 Resolved PositiveIntSet_impl fails to pass along offset when converting to IntHashSet
Improvement UIMA-4206 Resolved IntHashSet table expansion should account for removed items better
New Feature UIMA-3969 Resolved Add JSON Serialization for CASs and UIMA Descriptors
New Feature UIMA-4053 Resolved add remove method to PositiveIntSet
New Feature UIMA-4146 Resolved Support Snapshot iterators for FSIndexes
Task UIMA-3888 Resolved Remove stale pluginManagement section from UIMAJ SDK parent pom
Task UIMA-4020 Resolved extract JSON support from core sdk into addon, to avoid dependence on Jackson Jar
Task UIMA-4091 Resolved upgrade Java version for UIMAJ-SDK to 7
Task UIMA-4096 Resolved update enforcer plugin to enforce Java 7 for uimaj sdk
Task UIMA-4097 Resolved change version of uimaj-sdk 2.6.1 to 2.7.0