JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-1248 Resolved ResourceManager initialization is not thread-safe
Bug UIMA-2101 Resolved CasToInlineXml adds whitespace
Bug UIMA-2373 Closed Possible bug in FixedFlowController
Bug UIMA-2383 Resolved AnnotationBase documentation incorrect
Bug UIMA-2463 Resolved Improve default annotation style assignment of CAS Editor
Bug UIMA-3540 Resolved uimaj release_notes has bad doc links and extra parenthesis
Bug UIMA-3567 Resolved addSourceToJars.bat has numerous errors
Bug UIMA-3603 Resolved IntArray code to sort and remove duplicates fails on edge case of empty array
Bug UIMA-3652 Resolved CAS Editor does not use resource manager with datapath to resolve imports by name
Bug UIMA-3655 Resolved CasPool incorrectly stores references to the InitialView of each CAS
Bug UIMA-3663 Resolved UimaConterxt_ImplBase code to generate uniqueIdentifier may not be unique
Bug UIMA-3722 Resolved JCasHashMap lifecycle size management broken
Bug UIMA-3747 Resolved Memory management problem with compressed binary deserialization
Bug UIMA-3752 Resolved fix some findbugs issues prior to 2.6.0sdk release
Bug UIMA-3774 Resolved make JCasHashMap update thread-safe
Bug UIMA-3776 Resolved Delegate AEs no longer serialized to XML after resolving imports on aggregate
Bug UIMA-3784 Resolved JCasHashMap size() returns incorrect value
Bug UIMA-3794 Resolved JCasHashMapTest has wrong test for machines with cores other than 8
Bug UIMA-3807 Resolved JCasHashMap tests incorrect for 4 cores
Improvement UIMA-1249 Resolved CasManager_impl logic for lazy merge of the type system could lead to excessive work or missed errors
Improvement UIMA-1598 Resolved make CasManager_impl thread-safe
Improvement UIMA-3619 Resolved improve Cas FS to JCas cover instance map
Improvement UIMA-3638 Resolved Remove potential sync bottleneck in RsFullFeatNames and RsLang and MetaDataObject_impl
Improvement UIMA-3640 Resolved clean up / clarify FSIntArrayIndex
Improvement UIMA-3641 Resolved remove synch from SymbolTable
Improvement UIMA-3642 Resolved Reduce class loading synchronized contention
Improvement UIMA-3649 Resolved Remove unneeded synchronization in core UIMA
Improvement UIMA-3654 Resolved Better error message when fixed flow constraint has error
Improvement UIMA-3662 Resolved reduce sync contention in get/release CASes from pools
Improvement UIMA-3673 Resolved CAS Editor: set shown annotation types (collection of types)
Improvement UIMA-3674 Resolved Allow multiple iterators in different threads to read the CAS
Improvement UIMA-3675 Resolved Allow Eclilpse debugger to inspect more UIMA internals
Improvement UIMA-3684 Resolved improve the caching of XMLinfo for uima objects obtained via bean reflection
Improvement UIMA-3688 Resolved improve multi-core possibilites with ResourceManager_impl
Improvement UIMA-3690 Resolved get schema for parsing xml descriptors once, at class load time
Improvement UIMA-3691 Resolved support multi-threaded shared contexts for CasPools for CAS Multipliers
Improvement UIMA-3693 Resolved reduce unneeded object creation (garbage)
Improvement UIMA-3694 Resolved allow parallel initialization of components to speed things up in multi-core sys
Improvement UIMA-3716 Resolved Have uima contexts' ref to external override settings use root context
Improvement UIMA-3732 Resolved solidify the non-modification of additionalParameters passed to core sdk apis
Improvement UIMA-3757 Resolved improve MultiprocessingAnalysisEngine_implTest
Improvement UIMA-3761 Resolved make jmx bean code use regular java, not indirect invoke
Improvement UIMA-3764 Resolved upgrade maven-changes-plugin to 2.10 - fixes jira report issue
Improvement UIMA-3792 Resolved Remove redundant / conflicting resizing of JCas hash map
Improvement UIMA-3795 Resolved Use better defaults for initial size for JCasHasMap
Improvement UIMA-3797 Resolved Support reset action in common multi-core test utility
Improvement UIMA-3798 Resolved JCasHashMap race condition hang
Improvement UIMA-3799 Resolved avoid out-of-memory due to too many threads in test cases
Task UIMA-3584 Resolved Wrong indentation in jcasgen-maven-plugin documentation
Task UIMA-3721 Resolved change next version of uimaj to 2.6.0, update prereq to Java 6
Task UIMA-3758 Resolved Prepare for 2.6.0SDK release
Task UIMA-3759 Resolved Investigate possible heap memory issue