JIRA Report

BugUIMA-2155ResolvedXALAN 2.6.0 overriding normal Java transformer factory in some JVMs causes UIMA XML parser failures
BugUIMA-3044ResolvedTypo in argument "=jcasgenclasspath"
BugUIMA-3396ResolvedWrong method to remove element in delta index journal processing
BugUIMA-3404ResolvedCorrect faulty merge from svn branch "xmlComments"
BugUIMA-3415ResolvedIntArrayRBT throwing ArrayIndexOutOfBounds
BugUIMA-3504Resolvedbad compare in test case - fails if run on different line-ending OS
BugUIMA-3510Resolvedget uimaj-ep-cas-editor to build after deleting .m2 org.eclipse
BugUIMA-3513ResolvedCasCoper test for views belonging to same CAS broken
BugUIMA-3528Resolveduimaj Eclipse runtime build has unused package
ImprovementUIMA-3209Resolvedcleanup "additional parameters"
ImprovementUIMA-3252Resolvedimprove javadocs for uimaj
ImprovementUIMA-3256Resolvedclean up some javadocs and unused classes in core-impl
ImprovementUIMA-3413Resolvedimprove remove-from-index performance
ImprovementUIMA-3416ResolvedIntArrayRBT has no recovery for space used by deleted nodes
ImprovementUIMA-3427ResolvedUIMA NOTICE file - better conformance to Apache specs
ImprovementUIMA-3429ClosedThrow exception if setting FS reference to FS not in CAS
ImprovementUIMA-3477ResolvedAllow XMLizable.toXML(ContentHandler) to use ContentHandlers other than the internal UIMA one
ImprovementUIMA-3500Resolvedupdate jcasgen templates to generate Javdoc comments that pass Java8 default lint checking
TaskUIMA-3529Resolvedchange next version of uimaj to 2.5.0