JIRA Report

BugUIMA-3112ResolvedCasCopier should not assume that CASes passed in are castable to CASImpl
BugUIMA-3121ResolvedRemove DocumentAnnotation jar from Eclipse uimaj runtime
BugUIMA-3122ResolvedJavadocs created using IBM Java 7 showing white on white navigation bar items (thus invisible)
BugUIMA-3133ResolvedEclipse launcher plugin fails if uimaj-core not on project classpath
BugUIMA-3143ResolvedResourceImpl_Base does not pass on ResourceManager to external resources
ImprovementUIMA-3123Resolved2.4.1 release reports errors and fails where 2.4.0 was silent
ImprovementUIMA-3124ResolvedSerialization javadocs missing
ImprovementUIMA-3134ResolvedEclipse UIMA launcher missing arguments tab