JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-4793 Resolved Unable to localize exceptions when using alternative classloader
Bug UIMA-5394 Closed permissions wrong on api-change-report in binary build
Bug UIMA-5435 Closed UIMA Class Loader getResource doesn't look first in its own resources
Bug UIMA-5460 Closed NPE in PearAnalysisEngineWrapper.createRM
Bug UIMA-5532 Closed xmi/json serialization multiple-refs-allowed sometimes fails to serialize item
Improvement UIMA-5411 Closed Make the class/data path search for external settings explicit by requiring a path: prefix
Improvement UIMA-5524 Closed add test case for all varieties of rattling iterators
Improvement UIMA-5533 Closed improve sorted index insert and faster findEq when lots of equal items
Test UIMA-5538 Closed add -D flag to enable Feature Structure tracing