JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-2977 Resolved destroy method of shared resources never called
Bug UIMA-4506 Resolved Unreproducible test failure on Jenkins
Bug UIMA-5050 Resolved IndexCorruptionReportingTest fails in Eclipse
Bug UIMA-5097 Resolved Current component info on CAS not reset
Bug UIMA-5103 Resolved CasIOUtils save in SerialFormat COMPRESSED_FILTERED_TS broken
Bug UIMA-5121 Resolved subiterator moveTo sometimes fails to check if the target is in bounds
Bug UIMA-5148 Resolved External Resources not given creating ResourceManager
Bug UIMA-5171 Resolved JSON serialization in uima core wrong context, sometimes
Bug UIMA-5176 Resolved multi-threaded test case driver has logic bug
Bug UIMA-5177 Resolved NPEs occur if Saxon is in the classpath
Bug UIMA-5191 Resolved Free instance of agreggate with cas multiplier in MultiprocessingAnalysisEngine
Bug UIMA-5252 Resolved uima core debug plugin no longer building - dependency issue
Bug UIMA-5308 Resolved Fix potential NPE in ProcessContainer_Impl.java
Bug UIMA-5353 Resolved uimaj-ep-debug start code needs updating for eclipse v 4
Bug UIMA-5368 Resolved uimaj java9 jcasgen maven plugin failure fix
Bug UIMA-5378 Resolved uv3 api-change-report has wrong file permissions on Linux
Improvement UIMA-5085 Resolved add use of context class loader for msg localization for RuntimeExceptions
Improvement UIMA-5093 Resolved Upgrade to JUnit 4
Improvement UIMA-5146 Resolved Multiple pipelines need to share just the resources in a ResourceManager
Improvement UIMA-5151 Resolved add doc re UIMA Resources, external resources, and the ResourceManager
Improvement UIMA-5207 Resolved make FSArray/List, StringArray/list iterable
Improvement UIMA-5208 Resolved Also search the classpath and datapath when loading an extenal overrides file
Improvement UIMA-5211 Resolved fix dependency for xmlunit to be more universal, move to uimaj-test-util
Improvement UIMA-5273 Resolved Check for circular definitions in external override settings
Improvement UIMA-5274 Resolved Support descriptor customization by allowing external setting variables in some fields
Improvement UIMA-5307 Resolved improve version compatibility checking for uimaj
Improvement UIMA-5382 Resolved allow Java-style classpath wildcard in tooling startup
Task UIMA-4579 Resolved Remove CAS semver exclude after next release
Task UIMA-5205 Closed switch next uimaj release from 2.9.1 to 2.10.0 due to semantic versioning
Task UIMA-5261 Resolved jcasgen-maven-plugin pom missing the scm element
Task UIMA-5319 Resolved uv3 fix build api-change-report to select the proper previous version
Task UIMA-5335 Resolved Relax XML schema for UIMA Index label
Task UIMA-5338 Resolved change error message when finding invalid xml char to not output that
Test UIMA-5195 Resolved uv3 add capability to test for v2 - v3 compatibility of serialized forms for form6 compression