JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-6384 Resolved parallelism argument in CpePipeline is ignored
Bug UIMA-6385 Resolved Potential resource key clash in environments with multiple classloaders
Bug UIMA-6391 Resolved CpePipeline should kill CPE if reader throws exception
Bug UIMA-6396 Resolved uimaFIT maven plugin mixes up test and compile scopes
Bug UIMA-6417 Resolved Problems setting numeric parameter values
Bug UIMA-6446 Resolved Complexities around enhancing classes with their resource name
Bug UIMA-6452 Resolved Some tests fail cleaning up their temporary data
Bug UIMA-6453 Resolved Invalid SHA512 generated for Maven artifacts
Improvement UIMA-6354 Resolved Limit permitted JDK to minimal JDK for release builds
Improvement UIMA-6426 Resolved Upgrade to UIMA Java SDK 3.3.0
Improvement UIMA-6432 Resolved Upgrade dependencies (uimaFIT 3.3.0)
Improvement UIMA-6463 Resolved Use toolchains to ensure compatibility with Java 1.8
New Feature UIMA-6392 Resolved Better delegate key generation
New Feature UIMA-6422 Resolved FSUtil.setFeature() should offer signatures that accept a Feature
New Feature UIMA-6424 Resolved Upgrade uimaFIT to JUnit 5
New Feature UIMA-6431 Resolved Use lambda functions as CAS processors
Task UIMA-6448 Resolved Remove binary release ZIP build from uimaFIT