JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-6226 Resolved uimaFIT maven plugin "generate" fails to import type systems from dependencies
Bug UIMA-6240 Resolved Failure to resolve type system imports when generating descriptors
Bug UIMA-6275 Resolved InitializableFactory is not smart enough to find a suitable classloader
Bug UIMA-6286 Resolved select following finds zero-width annotation at reference end position
Bug UIMA-6292 Resolved selectCovering is slow
Bug UIMA-6314 Resolved Align preceding/following with predicate in UIMA core
Bug UIMA-6326 Resolved Update uimaFIT to Parent POM 14
Bug UIMA-6351 Resolved japicmp post processing script fails with Java 16 (uimaFIT)
Improvement UIMA-6232 Resolved Reduce overhead of createTypeSystemDescription() and friends
Improvement UIMA-6291 Resolved Improve uimaFIT benchmarking module
Improvement UIMA-6333 Resolved Update Spring dependency
Improvement UIMA-6357 Resolved Upgrade Apache Commons dependencies
New Feature UIMA-6242 Resolved uimaFIT Maven plugin should fail on error by default
New Feature UIMA-6263 Resolved CAS validation support
New Feature UIMA-6270 Resolved Add selectOverlapping to (J)CasUtil
New Feature UIMA-6311 Resolved Add generated resources output folder as resource folder
New Feature UIMA-6312 Resolved Better PEAR parameter support
Task UIMA-6227 Resolved Upgrade to xmlunit 2 (uimaFIT)
Task UIMA-6257 Resolved Jenkinsfile for uimaFIT
Task UIMA-6264 Resolved Switch from DocBook to Asciidoc
Task UIMA-6299 Resolved Ensure that SNAPSHOT repos are commented out in POMs