JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-5580 Resolved Avoid warning about empty classpath when creating resource manager
Bug UIMA-6155 Resolved uimaFIT JCasIterable.iterator() destroys ResourceManager
Bug UIMA-6188 Resolved uimaFIT initializes resources with parameter values originating from component
Bug UIMA-6204 Resolved createReaderDescription does not discover type priorities
Bug UIMA-6206 Resolved Parameter values with certain non-XML 1.0 characters not supported
Bug UIMA-6214 Resolved Method signature clash in ExternalResourceFactory
Bug UIMA-6222 Resolved XML-related unit test fails on Java 9+
Bug UIMA-6223 Resolved Groovy plugin causes warning during build
Bug UIMA-6224 Resolved uimaFIT does not build on Java 14
Improvement UIMA-5807 Resolved Support PEARs in AnalysisEngineFactory
Improvement UIMA-5847 Resolved Remove UV3 bug workarounds in FSCollectionFactory
Improvement UIMA-6169 Resolved Support Charset-typed parameters in components
Improvement UIMA-6179 Resolved Update to parent-pom 13
Improvement UIMA-6180 Resolved Exclude plugins from m2e builds
Improvement UIMA-6182 Resolved Update findbugs configuration
Improvement UIMA-6186 Resolved Factory methods for resource instances
Improvement UIMA-6207 Resolved Allow setting number of threads in CpePipeline
Improvement UIMA-6209 Resolved Add section on changes to ExternalResourceFactory to uimaFIT v3 migration
Improvement UIMA-6216 Resolved Upgrade to UIMA Core 3.1.1