JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-3325 Resolved FSCollectionFactory.createStringArray returns StringArrayFS
Bug UIMA-3562 Resolved Avoid throwing UIMAException
Bug UIMA-3563 Resolved createTypePriorities accepts non-JCas classes
Bug UIMA-3928 Resolved createExternalResourceDescription() signatures shadowing each other
Bug UIMA-6006 Resolved Restore isMultiValuedFeature signature that works without a FS
Improvement UIMA-2903 Resolved List resources in a ResourceManager / remove hack in uimaFIT
Improvement UIMA-5257 Resolved uimaFIT/uv3 accomodation
Improvement UIMA-5568 Resolved uv3: Drop ExtendedLogger from uimaFIT
Improvement UIMA-5792 Resolved Drop legacy module from uimaFIT v3
Improvement UIMA-5793 Resolved FSUtil.getFeature fails when called with Object.class on multi-valued features
Improvement UIMA-5805 Resolved No longer set extension classloader in DefaultResourceManagerCreator
Improvement UIMA-5808 Resolved Destroy auto-created resource managers if feasible
Improvement UIMA-5810 Resolved Add contribution guidelines and PR template
Improvement UIMA-5818 Resolved Use List instead of Collection where possible
Improvement UIMA-5820 Resolved Add CasFactory
Improvement UIMA-5823 Resolved Add basic benchmarking module
Improvement UIMA-5824 Resolved Run JCasUtil tests against equivalent v3 selects
Improvement UIMA-5853 Resolved Java version for integration tests should match main target version
Improvement UIMA-5870 Resolved Documentation for addTypeSystemDescriptions in uimafit-maven-plugin is missing
Improvement UIMA-5918 Resolved Upgrade to UIMAJ-Core 3.0.1
Improvement UIMA-5929 Resolved Add exists() method to CasUtil
Improvement UIMA-6004 Resolved Use SLF4J in unit tests and examples
Improvement UIMA-6005 Resolved Compare API changes against latest uimaFIT v2 release
Improvement UIMA-6007 Resolved Update to parent-pom 12
Improvement UIMA-6009 Resolved Use Maven dependency plugin to check dependencies
Improvement UIMA-6010 Resolved Upgrade dependencies
Improvement UIMA-6011 Resolved Always run RAT check
Improvement UIMA-6012 Resolved Add api-change-report.html to the project
Improvement UIMA-6013 Resolved Adjust to getView throwing CASException
Improvement UIMA-6021 Resolved Add selectSingleFS method to CasUtil
Improvement UIMA-6022 Resolved Upgrade to UIMA 3.0.2
Task UIMA-5322 Resolved Create copy of uimaFIT source tree to be based on UIMA v3
Task UIMA-5323 Resolved Adjust uimaFIT v3 branch to actually build against UIMA v3
Task UIMA-5348 Resolved uimaFIT v3 - upgrade for uv3-alpha02
Task UIMA-5854 Resolved Switch SCM info for uimaFIT from SVN to GIT