JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-4870 Resolved FindBugs 2 not compatible with Java 8
Bug UIMA-4998 Resolved SimplePipeline.iteratePipeline doesn't call typeSystemInit on readers (uimaFIT 2.2.0)
Bug UIMA-5024 Resolved Simple bug in SimpleNamedResourceManager
Bug UIMA-5025 Resolved Wrong error message when parameter name constant is not found
Bug UIMA-5039 Resolved Language and mimetype capabilities only added if type/sofa capabilities present
Bug UIMA-5067 Resolved JCasUtil.selectSingleRelative returns wrong object
Bug UIMA-5107 Resolved maven-shade-plugin sample config erroneous
Bug UIMA-5298 Resolved Life-cycle methods not called on all components instantiated by uimaFIT
Bug UIMA-5299 Resolved Work around UIMA-5097 in SimplePipeline unit test
Bug UIMA-5303 Resolved selectPreceding fails to skip over annotations
Improvement UIMA-5034 Resolved Add support for language capabilities
Improvement UIMA-5035 Resolved Add support for mime type capabilities
Improvement UIMA-5046 Resolved Faster indexCovered implementation
Improvement UIMA-5051 Resolved Deprecate uimaFIT CasIOUtil in favor of uimaj-core CasIOUtils
Improvement UIMA-5076 Resolved Respect UimaContextHolder if set
Improvement UIMA-5092 Resolved Upgrade to UIMAJ 2.9.0
Improvement UIMA-5112 Resolved Avoid deploying docbook module to repository
Improvement UIMA-5173 Resolved compare XML results using XMLunit in uimaFIT test
Improvement UIMA-5241 Resolved Mention auto-detection of index definitions and type prios in documentation
Improvement UIMA-5247 Resolved JavaDoc should mention that overlapping annotations are not returned by selectCovered/selectCovering and friends
Improvement UIMA-5253 Resolved Auto-generate JCas classes for examples
Improvement UIMA-5377 Resolved improve version compatibility checking for uimafit