JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-3024 Resolved CASDumpWriter is sensitive to type system changes
Bug UIMA-3314 Resolved Project dirty on checkout on Windows
Bug UIMA-4092 Resolved Mention which static imports to make
Bug UIMA-4424 Resolved CpePipeline always uses only one processing unit thread
Bug UIMA-4425 Resolved Nested resources not working with SharedResourceObject
Bug UIMA-4426 Resolved Explicitly binding nested resources using bindExternalResource does not work
Bug UIMA-4505 Resolved JCasFactory does not use auto-detection for type priorities and indexes
Bug UIMA-4648 Resolved CpeBuilder writes descriptor in system encoding
Bug UIMA-4699 Resolved "generate" mojo always claims to have written zero descriptors
Bug UIMA-4797 Resolved uimafit wont build on windows
Documentation UIMA-3317 Resolved shell commands to ease the migration to uimaFIT version 2
Improvement UIMA-3315 Resolved Unit tests for enum injection
Improvement UIMA-3366 Resolved Add selectAt methods
Improvement UIMA-3583 Resolved More convenient way to create (J)Cas using text and language
Improvement UIMA-3870 Resolved Update to parent-pom 10
Improvement UIMA-3913 Resolved JCasUtil methods could be more generic
Improvement UIMA-3984 Resolved selectCovered documentation does not mention that covering annotation is never part of the result
Improvement UIMA-4273 Resolved Upgrade to UIMA-SDK 2.7.0
Improvement UIMA-4300 Resolved Java 8 support in maven-uimafit-plugin
Improvement UIMA-4423 Resolved Check backwards compatibility during build
Improvement UIMA-4427 Resolved Use iteratorWithSnapshot in the select methods
Improvement UIMA-4536 Resolved setFeature/getFeature methods
Improvement UIMA-4537 Resolved Upgrade to UIMA 2.8.0/2.8.1
Improvement UIMA-4538 Resolved Fix JavaDoc for Java 7
Improvement UIMA-4566 Resolved FeatureStructure and AnnotationFS not recognized by CASUtil.getType()
Improvement UIMA-4865 Resolved Upgrade dependencies
Sub-task UIMA-3885 Resolved Remove redundant configuration items
Task UIMA-3868 Resolved Remove maven-plugin-plugin override after upgrading to UIMA parent pom 10
Task UIMA-3886 Resolved Remove snapshot repository declaration required for SNAPSHOT dependencies
Task UIMA-4868 Resolved Wrap up 2.2.0 release