JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-3250 Resolved Wrong qualifier
Bug UIMA-3265 Resolved Test annotation types accidentally slipped into release
Bug UIMA-3403 Resolved selectPreceding() does not return preceding for last annotation
Bug UIMA-3508 Resolved Resources from "generate" mojo do not end up in JARs
Bug UIMA-3559 Resolved JDK 8 complains about bad JavaDoc
Bug UIMA-3565 Resolved Wrong rat-check exclude
Bug UIMA-3591 Resolved Multi-values parameter does not accept single value when @ConfigurationParameter is not present
Bug UIMA-3597 Resolved CollectionReader and Annotators not having access to the same ExternalResource instance
Bug UIMA-3756 Resolved SimplePipeline.iteratePipeline doesn't call typeSystemInit on readers
Bug UIMA-3785 Resolved Upgrade to UIMA 2.6.0
Bug UIMA-3790 Resolved Reduce verbosity of uimafit-maven-plugin
Bug UIMA-3853 Resolved Compilation failure on IBM Java 8 beta 3
Bug UIMA-3854 Resolved Update migration section in documentation
Improvement UIMA-3385 Resolved Make meta data discovery compatible with fat jars
Improvement UIMA-3558 Resolved Upgrade to parent-pom version 8
Improvement UIMA-3560 Resolved AnnotationFactory.createAnnotation() should not throw UIMAException
Improvement UIMA-3566 Resolved Update to UIMA 2.6.0
Improvement UIMA-3859 Resolved Better maven-plugin-plugin configuration
Task UIMA-3509 Resolved Create uimaFIT 2.1.x branch
Task UIMA-3845 Resolved Prepare for release version 2.1.0