JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-4524 Closed DUCC build produces javadoc warnings
Bug UIMA-5390 Closed DUCC may restart failing custom services forever
Bug UIMA-5542 Closed UIMA-DUCC: upgrade JNA or correct LICENSE
Bug UIMA-5561 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) queries DB too often
Bug UIMA-5587 Closed DUCC Process Manager (PM) takes OOM on Apache DUCC demo
Bug UIMA-5591 Closed DUCC Apache demo Process Manager (PM) takes OOM with Xmx = 200M
Bug UIMA-5592 Closed UIMA-DUCC: agent uses wrong test to decide if it should connect to child process via JMX
Bug UIMA-5605 Closed DUCC scheduler ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Bug UIMA-5608 Closed UIMA-DUCC: reduce Process Manager publication size
Bug UIMA-5611 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Agent fails to kill a child process sometimes
Bug UIMA-5623 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) Job Details page Processes tab log file size always 0.0?
Bug UIMA-5639 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Agent rogue process detector not working
Bug UIMA-5641 Closed Errors in custom containers cause class not found
Bug UIMA-5647 Closed %CPU always reports 0 for managed reservations
Bug UIMA-5648 Closed DUCC Common code should not use components WS or OR directly for logging
Bug UIMA-5649 Closed The new ducc.uid property may cause migration problems as the default of "ducc" will be used
Bug UIMA-5651 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) alerts too soon with RED banner
Bug UIMA-5659 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Agent JMX connection retry not working
Bug UIMA-5667 Closed Potential Integer Overflow
Bug UIMA-5668 Closed DUCC ducc_watcher (CLI) issues multiple up-to-down state changes for agents
Bug UIMA-5676 Closed UIMA-DUCC: modify DuccAbstractProcessContainer to use UIMA logger
Bug UIMA-5684 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) NPE when request for non-existant job details arrives
Bug UIMA-5699 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) should use Resource Manager (RM) calculated value for machine's memory available
Bug UIMA-5700 Closed DUCC pull-service wrapper should not always kill the process when a work-item fails
Bug UIMA-5705 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) incorrectly formulates pager url for error column links on Jobs page
Bug UIMA-5726 Closed UIMA-DUCC: JD TestSuite fails in checkCas()
Bug UIMA-5727 Closed UIMA-DUCC: fix XStream warning msgs
Bug UIMA-5732 Closed DuccJobService should have a stop method to allow a clean shutdown
Bug UIMA-5733 Closed UIMA-DUCC: service/js wrapper hides errors when calling process()
Bug UIMA-5734 Closed check_ducc & start_ducc problem when Banner is enabled in sshd_config
Bug UIMA-5735 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) logs queries to DB too verbosely
Bug UIMA-5744 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Agent truncates user names when collecting node processes
Documentation UIMA-5559 Closed DUCC cgroups use prerequistes are out-of-date
Documentation UIMA-5610 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) document requirement for JDK vs. JRE for JSP compilation
Improvement UIMA-3476 Closed Automate version mgmt in DUCCs README and RELEASE_NOTES
Improvement UIMA-5541 Closed DUCC Orchestrator (OR) should record DB checkpoint size in its log
Improvement UIMA-5545 Closed UIMA-DUCC: add toString() to PerformanceMetrics
Improvement UIMA-5560 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) banner Home: should be DUCC_HOME=
Improvement UIMA-5599 Closed DUCC JD node allocation and watching improvements
Improvement UIMA-5602 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) Job Details page Workitem tab Start Time column
Improvement UIMA-5604 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) Job Details page Processes tab in json format
Improvement UIMA-5616 Closed DUCC (CLI) ducc_status command should get host and port from ducc.properties
Improvement UIMA-5618 Closed DUCC Resource Manager (RM) should restrict JobDriver allocation to user "ducc"
Improvement UIMA-5622 Closed UIMA-DUCC: reduce Agent logging
Improvement UIMA-5634 Closed DUCC Orchestrator (OR) populate DB with Job and Managed Reservation specifications
Improvement UIMA-5636 Closed UIMA-DUCC: restrict JMX access when running with older java
Improvement UIMA-5646 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) does not use cluetip javascript ==> it should be removed.
Improvement UIMA-5682 Closed DUCC Orchestrator (OR) system logger should disambiguate Services from Managed Reservations
Improvement UIMA-5685 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) fix poorly named method name in DuccHandlerHttpRequestFilter
Improvement UIMA-5688 Closed DUCC Orchestrator (OR) system logger should track launching and termination of distributed processes
Improvement UIMA-5690 Closed DUCC Orchestrator (OR) system logger should include request submitter, when appropriate
Improvement UIMA-5693 Closed DUCC Orchestrator (OR) system logger should track Agent BOOT and SHUTDOWN
Improvement UIMA-5718 Closed UIMA-DUCC:make DUCC_UPDATE_PORT optional
Improvement UIMA-5720 Closed UIMA-DUCC: JP service code dumps to stdout
Improvement UIMA-5722 Closed UIMA-DUCC: upgrade uima, uima-as, spring, camel, xstream
New Feature UIMA-5551 Closed Add registry support so pull services can locate their server
New Feature UIMA-5692 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) copyright 2018
Task UIMA-5527 Closed UIMA-DUCC: require java 1.8 for builds and runtime
Task UIMA-5728 Closed UIMA-DUCC: prepare for v.2.2.2 release
Task UIMA-5731 Closed UIMA-DUCC: modify code to use XMLUtils