JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-5301 Closed DUCC Book issues
Bug UIMA-5302 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) System Broker page incomplete for Preference -> Table Style = Scroll
Bug UIMA-5311 Closed UIMA-DUCC: performance breakdown wrong for scaled synch pipelines
Bug UIMA-5314 Closed DUCC utility tooling for check_ducc, start_ducc... does not correctly test ssh viability
Bug UIMA-5328 Closed DUCC should set DUCC_UMASK for all submitted work (if not already set)
Bug UIMA-5330 Closed Custom pinger may fail if classpath has old DUCC jars
Bug UIMA-5334 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) sometimes incorrectly shows DB down
Bug UIMA-5344 Closed UIMA-DUCC:JP check for no work is incomplete
Bug UIMA-5347 Closed Changes to DUCC's reserve_overage are not picked up by rm_reconfigure
Bug UIMA-5372 Closed SM failed to unregister a service but allowed another to start
Bug UIMA-5373 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) add clarity to MonitorWarning hover text for Jobs & Reservations
Bug UIMA-5392 Closed DUCC's cli jar drags in too many jars
Bug UIMA-5393 Closed Jenkins DUCC build fails with Javadoc error
Bug UIMA-5396 Closed When --console_attach is set for a DUCC process some input lines are lost
Bug UIMA-5403 Closed The reserved DUCC_OS_ARCH variable is ignored if in the command executable
Bug UIMA-5413 Closed DUCC post_install should not proceed if DUCC is already installed!
Bug UIMA-5418 Closed DUCC check_ducc -k should not use -9 to kill the database, by default
Bug UIMA-5433 Closed DUCC WebServer (WS) Utilization banner display should use "usable" memory for divisor in the calculation
Bug UIMA-5438 Closed Bad error msg when registering a service with an invalid scheduling class
Bug UIMA-5439 Closed The QuotedOptions class is in 2 projects, one is back-level
Bug UIMA-5441 Closed The JD sometimes hangs a job when it falsely thinks a JP is down
Bug UIMA-5444 Closed DUCC User component Job Driver (JD) plug-in error handler does not honor max work item errors
Bug UIMA-5461 Closed UIMA-AS services should support deployment descriptors in the class path
Bug UIMA-5462 Closed DUCC Orchestrator (OR) should checkpoint when shutdown is requested
Bug UIMA-5465 Closed UIMA DUCC: Fix StringOutOfBoundsException when DD points to primitive AE with scalout > 1
Bug UIMA-5469 Closed UIMA-DUCC: The JP code not handling HttpHostConnectException
Bug UIMA-5475 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) running under IBM Java 1.8 fielding https from Chromium gives ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH
Bug UIMA-5486 Closed Services registered without an endpoint specification fail to start
Bug UIMA-5506 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) log directory display path saved in DB is corrupted by missing "/"
Bug UIMA-5508 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) Performance tab heading mislabelled
Bug UIMA-5509 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) some historical ManagedReservations missing?
Bug UIMA-5511 Closed UIMA-DUCC: add javadoc plugin to parent pom.xml
Bug UIMA-5521 Closed DUCC now fails to handle fake ids when running a simulated cluster
Bug UIMA-5522 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) NPE handling JobSpecificationData requests
Bug UIMA-5525 Resolved Correct documentation for ducc_update
Bug UIMA-5529 Closed DUCC: Serialization of AnalysisEngineProcessException fails in JP
Bug UIMA-5530 Closed DUCC Agent does not kill -9 a service that has refuses to be stopped by kill -15?
Bug UIMA-5531 Closed DUCC service threads may be slow to pick up new work
Bug UIMA-5535 Closed Fix Javadoc error found by Java 1.8
Bug UIMA-5537 Closed UIMA-DUCC: agent GC collector not reporting GC stats
Documentation UIMA-5452 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) should provide restriction on responses comprising user data - documentation!
Documentation UIMA-5499 Closed Describe how to set up an application broker for DUCC services
Improvement UIMA-4883 Closed DUCC system events log
Improvement UIMA-5354 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) copyright 2017
Improvement UIMA-5356 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) should have single expiry time value in ducc.properties for head-node daemons' down
Improvement UIMA-5357 Closed DUCC spelling, grammar, etc.
Improvement UIMA-5395 Closed DUCC move_ducc flexibility
Improvement UIMA-5400 Closed DUCC ducc_update should give better error message when unable to install ducc_ling
Improvement UIMA-5401 Closed DUCC ducc.properties processing improvements
Improvement UIMA-5404 Resolved Custom services should be able to report their status to their agent
Improvement UIMA-5405 Closed DUCC should allow the "ducc" user to be other than exactly "ducc"
Improvement UIMA-5406 Closed DUCC JP-services should convert DDs if necessary and not always require a dedicated JD-client
Improvement UIMA-5420 Closed DUCC python scripts formatted log messages class
Improvement UIMA-5440 Closed DUCC WebServer (WS) should provide secure file-based login
New Feature UIMA-5340 Closed Provide an example of a service registry for custom services
New Feature UIMA-5342 Closed UIMA-DUCC: implement a new driver with support for pluggable task allocation component
New Feature UIMA-5428 Closed DUCC minimally support user log directory not in shared file system
Task UIMA-5510 Closed UIMA-DUCC: prepare for v.2.2.1 release