JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-5048 Closed DUCC Orchestrator (OR) record Process Manager (PM) Job CommandLine requests
Bug UIMA-5049 Closed uima-ducc-demo adjustments
Bug UIMA-5053 Closed DUCC ducc_watcher optional admin script to determine status and send notifications
Bug UIMA-5057 Closed DUCC Orchestrator (OR) handle down JD node
Bug UIMA-5059 Closed DUCC WS should compile jsps into $DUCC_HOME/tmp/ducc/jsp
Bug UIMA-5060 Closed DUCC Orchestrator (OR) "warm" restart issues
Bug UIMA-5075 Closed DUCC should check that it runs with the uid of the installer
Bug UIMA-5080 Closed DUCC uses UIMA-AS's dd2spring.xsl file which generates an obsolete dtd
Bug UIMA-5084 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) does not reflect PM to Agent publication size on Daemons page
Bug UIMA-5098 Closed DUCC Agent does not handle /bin/cgcreate failure properly on re-start when there are left over processes
Bug UIMA-5110 Closed DUCC Job Driver (JD) erroneously logs ***** TIMEOUT *****
Bug UIMA-5114 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) needs better user validation for login
Bug UIMA-5124 Closed DUCC-MON doesn't display the Reason for WaitingForResources for jobs
Bug UIMA-5145 Closed DUCC attempts to run even if the DB doesn't start
Bug UIMA-5150 Closed Duplicate agents (or daemons) MUST be avoided
Bug UIMA-5152 Closed DUCC may let a JP grab some WIs if pre-empted just as initilization completes
Bug UIMA-5157 Closed DUCC shutdown sequence leaves agents running
Bug UIMA-5170 Closed When pages have "no data" indicate if because not logged in or data missing
Bug UIMA-5188 Closed UIMA-DUCC: the PM logs excessively
Bug UIMA-5197 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) support startsWith function, when not present in browser's js
Bug UIMA-5210 Closed UIMA-Ducc: Rogue process detector broken for services
Bug UIMA-5213 Closed UIMA-DUCC: deprecate ducc.agent.node.metrics.sys.gid.max
Bug UIMA-5218 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Prepare for 2.2.0 release
Bug UIMA-5227 Closed Customized user logging fails in DUCC Job Driver
Bug UIMA-5232 Closed DUCC missing DUCC Book documentation
Bug UIMA-5239 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) too verbose with logging disk info
Bug UIMA-5243 Closed DUCC admin script vary_on gives extraneous help information
Bug UIMA-5244 Closed Problem moved to UIMA-5283 -- was: SM sometimes keeps starting failing instances forever
Bug UIMA-5245 Closed UIMA-DUCC: refactor agent to fetch child process metrics from cgroups
Bug UIMA-5254 Closed DUCC Orchestrator (OR) improved trace capability of reported Node Inventory
Bug UIMA-5255 Closed UIMA-DUCC:cgdelete fails if cpu and cpuacct are sym linked to same dir
Bug UIMA-5277 Closed start/stop_ducc scripts should check for unwanted args
Bug UIMA-5279 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) may show incorrect values for PgIn and Swap on mixed cgroup cluster
Bug UIMA-5281 Closed UIMA-DUCC: Agent not stopping JPs if state=Starting
Bug UIMA-5282 Closed DUCC simulator fails to start multiple virtual agents on a node
Bug UIMA-5284 Closed UIMA-DUCC: JP does not send FailedInitialization status to an agent
Bug UIMA-5288 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) ducc-servlet/json-system-daemons-data does not give correct status for Broker and Database
Bug UIMA-5289 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) NPE DuccHandler.java:1621
Bug UIMA-5290 Closed UIMA-DUCC: current version of jna-4.2.2 not working
Bug UIMA-5292 Closed DUCC Orchestrator (OR) does not propagate Reason/Extended Reason when log file is unwritable
Documentation UIMA-5158 Closed DUCC Job Driver (JD) should provide individual work item performance breakdowns
Improvement UIMA-4795 Closed DUCC ducc.properties itself should comprise the DUCC Book documentation
Improvement UIMA-4856 Closed DUCC broker should be restricted to ducc use only
Improvement UIMA-5047 Closed UIMA-DUCC: refactor agent code which gathers node and process metrics
Improvement UIMA-5086 Closed DUCC should consider slightly larger machines when reserving a whole machine
Improvement UIMA-5109 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) does not display Services deployments that have Completed
Improvement UIMA-5122 Closed DUCC Database (db) admin tool for save & restore
Improvement UIMA-5138 Closed DUCC Database (db) improvements and exploitations
Improvement UIMA-5175 Closed DUCC remove obsolete code and configuration data
Improvement UIMA-5181 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) Viz should display actual and schedulable sizes in concordance with Machines page
Improvement UIMA-5182 Closed ducc-mon should hide/show other large values when displaying Job, AP, or Service specifications
Improvement UIMA-5183 Closed Support "fenced-off" worker nodes with read-only access to DUCC_HOME
Improvement UIMA-5186 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) should support other than jobs page as the default home
Improvement UIMA-5193 Closed DUCC failover support (static)
Improvement UIMA-5196 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) file pager usability improvement
Improvement UIMA-5206 Closed DUCC Web Server (WS) should provide restriction on responses comprising user data
Improvement UIMA-5212 Closed DUCC Database (db) user "guest" with r/o access should employ private pw
Improvement UIMA-5215 Closed DUCC: on process launch failure agent should set reason to content of stderr
New Feature UIMA-5226 Closed DUCC script to assist in gathering problem determination information