JIRA Report

BugUIMA-4546ClosedUIMA-AS client not recovering when broker connection is lost
BugUIMA-4751ClosedUIMA-AS: improve msg service dumps on stdout when is looses broker connection
BugUIMA-4986ClosedStart Broker on Windows
BugUIMA-5022ClosedSome Dd2Spring errors are lost and confusing
BugUIMA-5023ClosedUIMA-AS: Spring context file not cleaned up on deployment failure
BugUIMA-5040ClosedUIMA-AS: when service terminates it exits with exit code=1 instead of 0
BugUIMA-5042ClosedUIMA-AS: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException thrown when parsing DD
BugUIMA-5045Closed-uimaEeDebug Flag is not considered in BaseUIMAAsynchronousEngine_impl
BugUIMA-5083ClosedUIMA-AS: missing JUnit test with service listener using HTTP
BugUIMA-5095ResolvedFix approach to get plugin image resource in UIMA-AS deploy editor
BugUIMA-5117ClosedUIMA-AS: dd2spring should log at INFO
BugUIMA-5118ClosedUIMA-AS: NPE thrown when cleaning up C++ based service
BugUIMA-5119ClosedUIMA-AS: CPP wrapper fails with Exception on service shutdown
BugUIMA-5123ClosedUIMA-AS: Cas Multiplier service doesnt recover from broker restart
BugUIMA-5126ClosedUIMA-AS thows an NPE if saxon9he.jar is in the classpath
BugUIMA-5136ClosedUIMA-AS: the undeploy removes all MBeans from JMX
BugUIMA-5178ClosedUIMA-AS: service returns wrong performance metrics
BugUIMA-5179ClosedProblems with uimaj-examples project in UIMA-AS v2.8.1
BugUIMA-5180ClosedUIMA-AS: service returns list of performance metrics in an inconsistent order
BugUIMA-5184ClosedUIMA-AS: AMQ white listing of packages not working
BugUIMA-5189ClosedUIMA-AS: error handling not working when XMI deserialization fails
BugUIMA-5199ClosedUIMA-AS should check for a core UIMA version no older than it
BugUIMA-5200Closedleak of some meta artifacts prior to release to uima-as eclipse-update site
ImprovementUIMA-4985ClosedUIMA-AS: modify log msg to indicate attempt to connect to a broker
ImprovementUIMA-5015ClosedImprove performance measurements reporting
ImprovementUIMA-5105ClosedUIMA-AS: Reduce verbosity of JUnit tests
New FeatureUIMA-5166ClosedUIMA-AS: Add option to disable JMX connector when running extended tests
TaskUIMA-5082ClosedUIMA-AS: http based communication is broken due to AMQ bug
TaskUIMA-5094ClosedUIMA-AS: Prepare for 2.9.0 release