JIRA Report

BugUIMA-4213ResolvedErrors in UIMA-AS's dd2spring are ignored
BugUIMA-3919ClosedUIMA-AS should support deployment with a colocated AMQ broker
BugUIMA-3950ClosedUIMA-AS allows multiple calls on defineCasPool() which results in an exception
BugUIMA-3951ClosedUIMA-AS parent pom should override default maven-compiler-plugin to enforce use of java 1.6
BugUIMA-4120ClosedUIMA-AS runtime configuration scripts in examples broken
BugUIMA-4163ClosedMissing message resource for "UIMAJMS_received_service_info_FINEST"
BugUIMA-4220ClosedUIMA-AS needs to allow dd2spring to use a custom XML parser
BugUIMA-4388ClosedUIMA-AS service bloats metadata on each GetMeta request
BugUIMA-4527ClosedUIMA-AS NOTICE file is missing xmlbeans attributions
BugUIMA-4709ClosedFix UIMA-AS test deployment descriptor
BugUIMA-4750ClosedUIMA-AS: startBroker,sh script broken
BugUIMA-4806ClosedUIMA-AS: start broker in the foreground
BugUIMA-4812ClosedUIMA-AS: fix CasManager.defineCasPool() was called twice by the same Analysis Engine
BugUIMA-4813ClosedUIMA-AS: upgrade ActiveMQ to 5.13.1
BugUIMA-4818ClosedThe UIMA-AS build generates Maven warnings
BugUIMA-4844ClosedUIMA-AS: upgrade ActiveMQ, Jetty, xstream and lsf4j
BugUIMA-4857ClosedUIMA-AS: Fix NullPointerException
BugUIMA-4916ClosedUIMA-AS: fix license and notice issues found in RC3
BugUIMA-4929ClosedUIMA-AS: missing license context in LICENSE
ImprovementUIMA-4710ClosedUpdate UIMA-AS javadoc plugin to build with JDK1.8
ImprovementUIMA-4828ClosedUIMA-AS: fix documentation regarding process timeout
ImprovementUIMA-4830ClosedUIMA-AS: refactor SharedConnection code in the client
New FeatureUIMA-4265ClosedAdd warmup option to a UIMA-AS service instance
TaskUIMA-4703ClosedUIMA-AS prepare 2.8.1 release
TaskUIMA-4708ClosedUpdate UIMA-AS JmxMonitor to work with new AMQ