JIRA Report

BugUIMA-3433ResolvedUIMA-AS cleanup of semaphore testing wrong thing
BugUIMA-3546ClosedUIMA-AS 2.4.2 distro is missing http jars
BugUIMA-3572ClosedFix UIMA-AS race condition
BugUIMA-3581ClosedUIMA-AS client calls onBeforeMessageSend on CPC
BugUIMA-3594ClosedUIMA-AS not stopping Listener executor on shutdown
BugUIMA-3617ClosedUIMA-AS not handling broker url params correctly
BugUIMA-3618ClosedUIMA-AS should optionally log when a CAS is picked up from a queue
BugUIMA-3630ClosedFix UIMA-AS race condition in JmsAnalysisEngineServiceStub
BugUIMA-3631ClosedFix UIMA-AS references to ActiveMQ 5.4.1
BugUIMA-3632ClosedRemove source assembly script from UIMA-AS
BugUIMA-3633ClosedFix SLF4J warnings in UIMA-AS
BugUIMA-3634ClosedJenkins fails UIMA-AS due to missing dependencies
BugUIMA-3637ClosedChange debug level in UIMA-AS Session Reaper
BugUIMA-3643ClosedBogus exception when response from parallel UIMA-AS annotator is received by UIMA runtime before all requests to the annotators in the parallel step are sent
BugUIMA-3648ClosedUIMA-AS service keeps initializing AEs despite exception
BugUIMA-3653ClosedUIMA-AS compatibility check with UIMA-SDK should use major version
BugUIMA-3660ClosedImprove UIMA-AS logging in UimaAsThreadFactory when handling java Error
BugUIMA-3665ClosedUIMA-AS JmsStub code not clearing static Map
BugUIMA-3667ClosedUIMA-AS client should call onBeforeProcessCAS() when it receives a reply with no prior ACk from remote service
BugUIMA-3715ClosedReduce logging in the UIMA-AS service
BugUIMA-3786ClosedFix UIMA-AS client race condition
BugUIMA-3788ClosedFix UIMA-AS java.lang.IllegalStateException: Timer already cancelled.
BugUIMA-3839ClosedUIMA-AS logs excessively when unable to connect to broker
BugUIMA-3842ClosedUIMA-AS listeners not shutting down cleanly
BugUIMA-3843ClosedUIMA-AS should close connection on exception in JmsEndpointConnection_impl.openChannel()
BugUIMA-3849ClosedPrepare UIMA-AS for 2.6.0 release
BugUIMA-3850ClosedSimplify UIMA-AS code in Delegate.java and BaseUIMAAsynchronousEngineCommon_impl
BugUIMA-3852ClosedUIMA-AS aggregate fails to merge type system when running with 2.6.0 uima-sdk
BugUIMA-3878ClosedUIMA-AS parent pom uses wrong version of SPRING with AMQ 5.7
BugUIMA-3879ClosedUIMA-AS extended test should use non-default port for JMX
BugUIMA-3880ClosedUIMA-AS activemq-nojournal.xml should include http connector
BugUIMA-3894ClosedRevert UIMA-AS poms to 2.6.0-SNAPSHOT
BugUIMA-3895ClosedUIMA-AS license is missing xpp3 specific license
BugUIMA-3897ClosedRemove UIMA-AS 40 sec shutdown delay
BugUIMA-3901ClosedUIMA-AS missing LICENSE and NOTICE
BugUIMA-3916ClosedUIMA-AS parent pom declares dependencies on multiple versions of httpclient
ImprovementUIMA-3770ClosedUIMA-AS binary distro does not include source for RunRemoteAsyncAE.java
TaskUIMA-3548Closeduima-as NOTICE file for relocated copyright