JIRA Report

BugUIMA-2364ResolvedUIMA-AS client callback has changed so old code such as runRemoteAsyncAE does not get notified
BugUIMA-2474ResolvedEnvironment variables mishandled when deploying a C++ service as a separate process
BugUIMA-1435ClosedUIMA AS client creates too many JMS connections to a broker
BugUIMA-2105ClosedUIMA AS Aggregate Not Handling Broker Restart
BugUIMA-2161ClosedUIMA AS 2.3.1 release missing activemq jars that enable http tunelling
BugUIMA-2162ClosedFix UIMA AS race condition allowing parent CAS to hit the Flow Controller ahead of its child CASes
BugUIMA-2188ClosedUIMA AS service not releasing CAS if deserializer fails
BugUIMA-2200ClosedUnderlying cause of an initialization exception is not reported when deployment fails
BugUIMA-2228ClosedUIMA AS doesn't expose CAS instance in onBeforeMessageSend() callback
BugUIMA-2229ClosedUIMA AS client allows registration of callback listener after initialization
BugUIMA-2230ClosedUIMA AS client code should catch and log exception thrown in onBeforeMessageSend and onBeforeProcessCAS callbacks (user code)
BugUIMA-2232ClosedUIMA AS client timeout handling not working correctly
BugUIMA-2239ClosedFix miscellaneous problems in UIMA AS code reported by Findbugs
BugUIMA-2249ClosedUIMA AS client should not create JNDI InitialContext
BugUIMA-2250ClosedRemove hardcoded path in UIMA AS DeploymentDescriptorFactory
BugUIMA-2251ClosedUIMA AS aggregate disables broker connection
BugUIMA-2304ClosedUIMA AS service serializes Exception object which may contain user defined Exception class not available to the client
BugUIMA-2309ClosedUIMA AS not calling AE.destroy() method on the same thread that initialized the AE
BugUIMA-2317ClosedFix a Deadlock in UIMA AS client
BugUIMA-2324ClosedFix NPE in UIMA AS aggregate which occurs while recovering from Cas Multiplier failure
BugUIMA-2351ClosedRemove busy loop from uima-as JmsInputChannel
BugUIMA-2354ClosedUIMA AS aggregate fetches too many msgs from its service queue
BugUIMA-2355ClosedUpdate UIMA AS documentation to say that continue on error is a supported action for colocated delegates
BugUIMA-2358ClosedUIMA AS should add a global UncaughtExceptionHandler
BugUIMA-2372ClosedOn lost connection to a broker UIMA AS Spring JMS listener excessively logs error msgs
BugUIMA-2377ClosedModify UIMA AS service to call System.exit(1) when handling java Error
BugUIMA-2388ClosedUIMA AS service doesnt terminate when its error handling threshold is exceeded
BugUIMA-2389ClosedUIMA AS client doesnt identify service name nor broker url in a stack trace on service timeout
BugUIMA-2392ClosedUIMA-AS CAS multiplier hangs fetching empty CAS after client timeouts
BugUIMA-2394ClosedUIMA AS service wrapper doesnt log exception during initialization
BugUIMA-2395ClosedUIMA AS service not logging a msg about missing JMX property
BugUIMA-2396ClosedUIMA AS service not terminating when running with JMX Monitor
BugUIMA-2399ClosedUIMA AS client not handling GetMeta Ping timeout correctly
BugUIMA-2401ClosedBaseUIMAAsynchronousEngine_impl does not protect access to SharedConnection in a multi-instance, multi-threaded scenario. Possible javax.jms.IllegalStateException.
BugUIMA-2404ClosedUIMA-AS session inactivity timer thread doesnt cleanup jms correctly
BugUIMA-2414ClosedFix ConcurrentModificationException in uima-as client
BugUIMA-2423ClosedUIMA AS Client doesnt work correctly when running with user specified Collection Reader
BugUIMA-2458ClosedUIMA-AS Client Doesnt Resolve a Placeholder for Service Endpoint
BugUIMA-2461ClosedUIMA AS doesnt support deployment of colocated uima aggregate CM
BugUIMA-2465ClosedModifiy UIMA-AS client to identify UIMA and UIMA-AS version
BugUIMA-2467ClosedAdd a new test to the UIMA-AS extended test suite to test many CMs deployed in inner aggregates
BugUIMA-2469ClosedAdd Apache Module Header to UimaParserExtender.java in Deployment Editor Project
BugUIMA-2477ClosedUIMA-AS Not Handling Late Replies Correctly
BugUIMA-2480ClosedRevert UIMA-AS POMs to 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT for RC2
BugUIMA-2481ClosedRemove dubious use of generics in uima-as-camel classes
BugUIMA-2483ClosedLog stack trace when handling java.lang.Error in ProcessCasErrorHandler
BugUIMA-2487ClosedOptimize UIMA-AS code that collects pipeline stats
BugUIMA-2488ClosedRevert UIMA-AS poms to 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT for RC3
ImprovementUIMA-2154ClosedUima AS client should log the host ip on CAS timeout
ImprovementUIMA-2156ClosedUIMA AS should include PID of the process that will analyze CAS
ImprovementUIMA-2157ClosedExtend UIMA AS Client Callback API
ImprovementUIMA-2164ClosedChange UIMA AS ACK message to include thread id
ImprovementUIMA-2181ClosedUIMA AS service should identify which thread will process a CAS
ImprovementUIMA-2255ClosedAdd documentation for UIMA-AS tools,including new tool getMetaData
ImprovementUIMA-2479ClosedModify UIMA-AS JMS Listener to Allow Incoming CAS While The Listener is Stopping
New FeatureUIMA-2111ClosedManage login pasword for ActiveMQ
New FeatureUIMA-2163ClosedExtend UIMA AS to provide Deployment Descriptor Factory
New FeatureUIMA-2180ClosedUIMA AS primitive service should return performance breakdown for each CAS
New FeatureUIMA-2227ClosedExtend UIMA AS service to use IP address fetched from system environment
New FeatureUIMA-2231ClosedUIMA AS client should handle InterruptedException while blocking in sendAndReceive()
TaskUIMA-2416ClosedChange uima-as-parent pom to inherit from parent version 4 instead of 4-SNAPSHOT
TaskUIMA-2417ClosedMove contents of uima-as project up one level in svn directory
TaskUIMA-2436ClosedModify UIMA AS scripts, readme, notices, etc for upcoming 2.4.0 release
TaskUIMA-2437ClosedUIMA AS not checking state of a Connection when stopping resulting in ConnectionClosedException
TaskUIMA-2443ClosedReduce log level on UIMA-AS service suicide due to error handling action=TERMINATE