JIRA Report

BugUIMA-5374ClosedUIMA-AS Eclipse plugin - need update to exclude some dependencies
BugUIMA-5376ClosedUIMA-AS eclipse update site missing some versions
BugUIMA-5386ClosedUIMA-AS: performance breakdown wrong for sync aggregates
BugUIMA-5389ClosedUIMA-AS: JMS Listener floods a service log when broker connection is lost
BugUIMA-5391ClosedUIMA-AS: sendAndReceive() should throw Exception when client is in shutdown mode
BugUIMA-5512ClosedUIMA-AS: Fix logging in JmsEndpointConnection_impl.send()
BugUIMA-5540ClosedUIMA-AS: Aggregate type priorities are not merged properly
BugUIMA-5562ClosedUIMA AS fails with HttpConnector
BugUIMA-5643ClosedUIMA-AS: Fix javadoc 1.8 errors and warnings
BugUIMA-5665ClosedUIMA-AS: fix JMS listener recovery after broker restart
BugUIMA-5673ClosedUIMA-AS: fix documentation discussing new targeting feature
BugUIMA-5695ClosedUIMA-AS: eclipse examples not working due to bad classpath
BugUIMA-5696ClosedUIMA-AS Update year in Copyright (Notice)
BugUIMA-5697ClosedUIMA-AS: modify RunRemoteAsyncAE to support service targeting
BugUIMA-5701ClosedUIMA-AS: remove debug msgs
BugUIMA-5702ClosedUIMA AS: example launch scripts are not working
BugUIMA-5703ClosedUIMA-AS: Fix NPE on service shutdown
ImprovementUIMA-5670ClosedUIMA-AS upgrade to use UIMA parent pom ver.11
New FeatureUIMA-5385ClosedUIMA-AS: add support for targeting specific service instance via JMS
TaskUIMA-5485ClosedUIMA-AS: prepare for 2.10.2 release