JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-6383 Resolved Ruta: TRIE - Wordlist entry not annotated
Bug UIMA-6387 Resolved Update p2 repo URLs from http to https
Bug UIMA-6394 Resolved Ruta: label assignment in alternative match causes problems
Bug UIMA-6396 Resolved uimaFIT maven plugin mixes up test and compile scopes
Bug UIMA-6399 Resolved RutaPatternCache prevents CPEEngine from terminating
Bug UIMA-6404 Resolved Ruta: @ with quantifier ignores matches
Bug UIMA-6405 Resolved Local variable not captured properly in a wildcard matching condition.
Bug UIMA-6406 Resolved Removing an annotation inside a BLOCK only takes effect outside the block
Bug UIMA-6408 Resolved Ruta: No type check of features in TRANSFER
Bug UIMA-6409 Resolved Ruta: possible endless wildcard lookahead in combination with subtokens
Bug UIMA-6414 Resolved Ruta: missing match for optional after sidestep out of composed
Bug UIMA-6458 Resolved Spurious "parsedVersion.osgiVersion" in file names in target
Bug UIMA-6461 Resolved Wrong argument to contains()
Bug UIMA-6462 Resolved Avoid deploy broken checksum files for p2content.xml and artifacts.xml in feature modules
Improvement UIMA-6411 Resolved Ruta: avoid creation of RutaBasics for bad annotations
Improvement UIMA-6426 Resolved Upgrade to UIMA Java SDK 3.3.0
Improvement UIMA-6443 Resolved Fresh Eclipse update site for every release
Improvement UIMA-6447 Resolved Update dependencies (Ruta 3.2.0)