JIRA Report

BugUIMA-4238ResolvedRuta: RuleElement.getRule() pointing to nowhere
BugUIMA-5431ResolvedRuta: step into script in explanation view broken
BugUIMA-5437ResolvedRuta: window restriction in block broken
BugUIMA-5669ResolvedBuild process hangs after project clean
BugUIMA-5759ResolvedRuta blocks eclipse during build.
BugUIMA-5994ResolvedRuta: seeder has problems with special symbol LS
BugUIMA-5995ResolvedRuta: feature assignment with type extended by feature match is broken
BugUIMA-6001ResolvedProblem with matching items in MarkFast with whitespacers visible
BugUIMA-6041ResolvedIgnored condition at composed rule element
BugUIMA-6050ResolvedRuta: possible SO when process is called on broken AE
BugUIMA-6065ResolvedRuta optional rule element in FOREACH block
BugUIMA-6119ResolvedRuta: anchor at disjunct rule element does not work correctly
BugUIMA-6132ResolvedRuta: support label expressions at macro action
BugUIMA-6135ResolvedRuta: NullPointerException is thrown when closing the Eclipse UIMA annotation editor
BugUIMA-6148ResolvedRuta: FSArray features with size >=2 are matched in a FOREACH loop
BugUIMA-6150ResolvedRuta: right to left matching broken in restricted window
BugUIMA-6154ResolvedRuta: wildcard lookahead falsely points to previous match
ImprovementUIMA-3139ResolvedImprove explanation of inlined rules in Ruta
ImprovementUIMA-3862ResolvedRuta: Improve matching with string literals
ImprovementUIMA-5484ResolvedRuta: wildcard with optional rule element
ImprovementUIMA-5934ResolvedRuta: replace old exception console prints by logger
ImprovementUIMA-5992ResolvedRuta: update descriptors in example projects
ImprovementUIMA-5993ResolvedRuta: word list impl should check on null for non-file-based input
ImprovementUIMA-6051ResolvedRuta: anonymous declare in rules param without package declaration
ImprovementUIMA-6052ResolvedRuta: failed matches override label values in inlined rules as condition
ImprovementUIMA-6092ResolvedRuta: dictionary lookup on wordtable and wordlist should be more robust concerning white spaces in the dictionary
ImprovementUIMA-6131ResolvedUIMA Ruta SeedLexer throws Error instead of exception
ImprovementUIMA-6149ResolvedRuta: automatic refreshing of generated descriptors
New FeatureUIMA-4676ResolvedRuta: type expression for type of annotation expression as feature match expression
TaskUIMA-5997ResolvedRuta: Jenkins job for Java 11 build
TaskUIMA-6024ResolvedRuta: adapt v3 to latest changes and upgrade versions
TaskUIMA-6029ResolvedRuta: possible NPE in verbalization of MARKFAST in explanation
TaskUIMA-6068ResolvedRuta: update parent pom
TaskUIMA-6069ResolvedRuta: enable expansion of common arrays in annotation browser view
TaskUIMA-6093ResolvedRuta: upgrade to UIMA parent pom 13
TaskUIMA-6118ResolvedRuta: update uima version(s)