JIRA Report

BugUIMA-5364ResolvedRuta: conjunct rules as inlined rules with too many matches
BugUIMA-5370ResolvedRuta: NPE for empty annotation list of annotation type expression given by type
BugUIMA-5371ResolvedRuta Workbench: Ruta Query tool is broken
BugUIMA-5399ResolvedRuta: verbalization of head rule in block is null
BugUIMA-5412ResolvedRuta: problem with float variables
BugUIMA-5416ResolvedRuta: strange behavior of # matching
BugUIMA-5423ResolvedVariables in Ruta scripts are not initialized properly by RutaEngine if their script is called by others
BugUIMA-5424ResolvedRuta: mtwl wordlist parser not robust considering buffering
BugUIMA-5426ResolvedRuta: stacked feature expression on label expression not resolved correctly
BugUIMA-5429ResolvedRuta: inclusion of analysis engine in script invalidates filtered iterator in RutaStream
BugUIMA-5430ResolvedRuta: sidestep match should not continue if match failed before
BugUIMA-5436ResolvedRuta: implicit condition comparing string variable to null
BugUIMA-5445ResolvedRuta: Year.ruta in ExampleProject is not valid
BugUIMA-5448ResolvedRuta: problem with internal indexing using PARTOF after simple regex rule
BugUIMA-5450ResolvedRuta: MinMax quantifier misses to fail
BugUIMA-5457ResolvedRuta: block within foreach block
BugUIMA-5487ResolvedRuta: false positive problem in editor for label expression in inlined rule
BugUIMA-5488ResolvedRuta: problem in testing view resolving typesystems in classpath
TaskUIMA-5351ResolvedRuta: clean up duplicate type systems in different projects and test folders
TaskUIMA-5358ResolvedRuta: adapt build and dependencies for uima-sdk-3.0.0-alpha02
TaskUIMA-5362ResolvedRuta: accumulative ticket for fixing flaws listed in 2.6.0 rc1 review
TaskUIMA-5398ResolvedRuta: update uima/uimafit version
TaskUIMA-5458ResolvedRuta: add more documentation about wildcard #