JIRA Report

BugUIMA-4405ResolvedRuta: when debugging a script, the source of imported/exec uimaFIT component is not shown
BugUIMA-4816ResolvedRuta: wizard shortcuts not available for working sets
BugUIMA-5104ResolvedRuta: NPE for stringValue on annotationListExpression in AnnotationTypeExpression
BugUIMA-5125ResolvedRuta: encoding of launch delegate not configurable
BugUIMA-5128ResolvedRuta: false positive problem in editor for stacked feature expresson on label expression
BugUIMA-5130ResolvedRuta: label feature expression in composed string expression
BugUIMA-5131ResolvedRuta: composed number expression returns always double as string expression
BugUIMA-5132ResolvedRuta: access coveredText by lazy feature on label expression
BugUIMA-5133ResolvedRuta: feature expression on label for annotation expression does not work with UNMARK
BugUIMA-5139ResolvedRuta: NPE of CAS Editor extensions in Neon.1
BugUIMA-5140ResolvedRuta: remove noVM preference
BugUIMA-5143ResolvedRuta: Launcher fails because classpath is to large
BugUIMA-5147ResolvedRUTA leaves the contents of STYLE tags in plaintext
BugUIMA-5159ResolvedRuta: use UIMA classloader for loading from classpath
BugUIMA-5161ResolvedRuta: condition causes NPE for empty document
BugUIMA-5163ResolvedRuta: reluctant quantifier problem with composed rule element ending
BugUIMA-5165ResolvedRuta: false positive problem report for feature expression on label expression across inlined rules
BugUIMA-5187ResolvedRuta: Document block extension not available in workbench
BugUIMA-5192ResolvedRuta: RutaDescriptorFactory does not create executable descriptions for anonymous script strings
BugUIMA-5228ResolvedRuta: label expression on optional rule element may lead to invalid annotations
BugUIMA-5229ResolvedRuta: feature expression on label expression on multiple matches by quantifier rule element
BugUIMA-5231ResolvedRuta: reset temp variables for labels for each rule match
BugUIMA-5262ResolvedRuta Workbench - can't disable Annotation
BugUIMA-5300ResolvedRuta: wordlist/table declaration in blocks broken
BugUIMA-5316ResolvedRuta: feature expression resolved as type expression within inlined rule
BugUIMA-5317ResolvedRuta: PlainTextAnnotator in not a uimaFIT analysis engine
BugUIMA-5325ResolvedRuta: conjunct rules broken
ImprovementUIMA-5144ResolvedRuta: dataPath extension by param paths should be configurable
ImprovementUIMA-5149ResolvedRuta: support changing the serialization format in the launcher
ImprovementUIMA-5154ResolvedRuta: improve error message of launcher in IDE
ImprovementUIMA-5169ResolvedRuta: real world FOREACH block too slow for large documents
ImprovementUIMA-5242ResolvedRuta: Unify usage of annotation/type expressions in combination with matchers
ImprovementUIMA-5256ResolvedRuta/uv3 accomodation, ruta-core
New FeatureUIMA-4978ResolvedRuta: labels as match condition
New FeatureUIMA-5108ResolvedRuta: support feature structures in feature expressions
New FeatureUIMA-5219ResolvedRuta: provide information about type usage in script when parsing
New FeatureUIMA-5220ResolvedRuta: add option to automatically optimize internal indexing
New FeatureUIMA-5331ResolvedRuta: support feature match expressions as arguments
New FeatureUIMA-5332ResolvedRuta: support conditioned annotation expressions as arguments
TaskUIMA-5269ResolvedRuta: extract typesystems to separate artefact
TaskUIMA-5336ResolvedRuta: switch to japicmp for api checks