JIRA Report

BugUIMA-4415ResolvedRuta: Semantic highlighting misses type in action
BugUIMA-4445ResolvedRuta: maven-plugin generate desccriptors misses to set classloader-based resource manager
BugUIMA-4461ResolvedRuta: maven plugin for IDE buildpath config causes empty problem
BugUIMA-4497ResolvedRuta: using BasicEngine for changing defaults of generated scripts
BugUIMA-4550ResolvedRuta: m2e build destroys compiled dictionaries created my normal maven build
BugUIMA-4559ResolvedRuta: wildcard match in stacked composed within inlined rule broken
BugUIMA-4560ResolvedRuta: wildcard match until optional rule element
BugUIMA-4567ResolvedRuta: descriptor and uimaFIT default value for removeBasics not equal
BugUIMA-4572ResolvedRuta: descriptor name contains null if no package is given
BugUIMA-4589ResolvedRuta: CDE cannot handle directories with periods
BugUIMA-4592ResolvedRuta: redundant elements in disjunctive composed leads to missed match
BugUIMA-4594ResolvedRuta: internal indexing broken for incremental partitioning
BugUIMA-4595ResolvedRuta: sorting of constraint expectation results broken in CDE view
BugUIMA-4596ResolvedRuta: open document broken in CDE documents view for some special cases
BugUIMA-4599ResolvedRuta: unknown problem in optional rule element
BugUIMA-4600ResolvedRuta: Feature value matches combined with wildcard problem
BugUIMA-4601ResolvedRuta: TRIM action creates invalid annotation causing problems in CAS Editor
BugUIMA-4602ResolvedRuta IDE collects too many dependencies for classpath of launch config
BugUIMA-4603ResolvedRuta: wildcard combination causes unintented multiple matches
BugUIMA-4613ResolvedRuta: NPE for importing and configuring BasicEngine
BugUIMA-4620ResolvedRuta: wildcard lookahead resets iterator
BugUIMA-4639Resolvedruta-maven-plugin misses qualification of names when importing by name
BugUIMA-4640Resolvedruta-maven-plugin's twl goal does not use the package name
BugUIMA-4652ResolvedRuta: pattern for MARKUP too restrictive
BugUIMA-4659ResolvedRuta: default resourcePath not set in IDE for old projects
BugUIMA-4714ResolvedRuta: document matching condition within block ignores head matches
BugUIMA-4758ResolvedRuta: reluctant qualifier right to left lookahead to literal string expression matcher
BugUIMA-4760ResolvedRuta: duplicate verbalization of type in type matcher
BugUIMA-4768ResolvedRuta: generic argument for aliases type interpreted as generic feature expression
ImprovementUIMA-4557ResolvedRuta: prefer local paths instead of classpath in workbench
ImprovementUIMA-4568ResolvedRuta: improve internal indexing for multiple ruta engine calls
ImprovementUIMA-4723ResolvedRuta: improve performance of default seeder and its markup workaround
ImprovementUIMA-4725ResolvedRuta: multiple values for label
ImprovementUIMA-4729ResolvedRuta: Token seeder without Markup
ImprovementUIMA-4084ClosedRuta: Improvements to AnnotationBrowserView / AnnotationTreeViewPage
New FeatureUIMA-4310ResolvedRuta: implicit action for variable assignments
New FeatureUIMA-4408ResolvedRuta: add explicit assignment of matched annotations to variables with labels
New FeatureUIMA-4484ResolvedRuta: improve usage as helper lib in java code similar to the uimaFIT helper classes
New FeatureUIMA-4581ResolvedRuta: resolve short names also using the overall imports of the script
New FeatureUIMA-4597ResolvedRuta: Assign annotations to FSArray in implicit action
New FeatureUIMA-4621ResolvedRuta: support usage of uimaFIT AEs with manditory parameters without default values
New FeatureUIMA-4631Resolvedruta: query and open external xmis in query view
New FeatureUIMA-4633ResolvedRuta: add new action for splitting annotations
New FeatureUIMA-4657ResolvedRuta: variables for annotations
New FeatureUIMA-4683ResolvedRuta: use address to refer to annotations
New FeatureUIMA-4707ResolvedRuta: block for resetting the match scope
New FeatureUIMA-4733ResolvedRuta: add and remove fro annotations
New FeatureUIMA-4734ResolvedRuta: support interpretation of generic feature expression as list epxression
New FeatureUIMA-4735ResolvedRuta: variables (macros) for actions and conditions
TaskUIMA-4661ResolvedRuta: prepare next release candidate
TaskUIMA-4724ResolvedRuta: let maven generate the JCas cover classes for the other type systems