JIRA Report

BugUIMA-4438ResolvedRuta: IDE project dependency to closed project
BugUIMA-4441ResolvedRuta: maven plugin generates additional oldschool resource paths
BugUIMA-4442ResolvedRuta: maven plugin misses type in generated type system for imported script
BugUIMA-4443ResolvedRuta: maven-plugin produces os-specific paths
BugUIMA-4444ResolvedRuta: maven plugin builds src and target script files
BugUIMA-4446ResolvedRuta: typesystem descriptors sometimes not updated when build is initiated by m2e
BugUIMA-4449ResolvedRuta: uimafit param for mainScript
BugUIMA-4453ResolvedMARKTABLE action works improperly
BugUIMA-4454ResolvedRuta: out-of-window match in inlined rule broken for additional conditions
BugUIMA-4456ResolvedRuta: BasicEngine.xml misses configuration parameter
BugUIMA-4457ResolvedRuta: handling of zero-length annotations
BugUIMA-4460ResolvedRuta: incremental maven build of descriptors builds all descriptors
BugUIMA-4471Resolvedruta: combination of inlined rules allow execution of action for failed matches
BugUIMA-4473ResolvedRuta: explanation of action-only rules and generic feature expression
BugUIMA-4474ResolvedRuta: double values casted to int for generic feature matches
BugUIMA-4480ResolvedCannot declar new type in Java code to apply Ruta rules
BugUIMA-4510ResolvedRuta: alternative continue match broken
BugUIMA-4513Resolvedruta-maven-plugin does not handle import by name correctly
BugUIMA-4517Resolvedfixing ArrayOutOfBounds exception when parsing invalid Ruta script
BugUIMA-4549ResolvedRuta: AE called in script breaking partitioning: problem with added annotations
BugUIMA-4556ResolvedMARKTABLE does not support ignoring whitespaces in the entries of the dictionary
BugUIMA-4472ClosedRuta: implicit feature matches as generic expressions miss rule element match
BugUIMA-4486ClosedRuta: tests fail with uimaj-2.8.0
ImprovementUIMA-4451ResolvedRuta: maven warnings for example project
ImprovementUIMA-4547ClosedRuta: Improve numeric operations in rules
New FeatureUIMA-4485ResolvedRuta: problem reporter if package declaration in script does not comply with actual package
TaskUIMA-4450ResolvedRuta: check NOTICE/LICENSE for spring dependencies
TaskUIMA-4483ResolvedRuta: semantic versioning for ruta-core
TaskUIMA-4552ResolvedRuta: prepare release candidate
TaskUIMA-4551ClosedRuta: update uima dependency