JIRA Report

BugUIMA-3910ClosedCompile time error in INT variable
BugUIMA-3920ClosedRuta: problem with feature expressions of ambiguous types
BugUIMA-3925ClosedRuta: Comments before package declaration
BugUIMA-4021ClosedRuta: problem with conjunctive rule elements with feature matches
BugUIMA-4022ClosedRuta: Inside/out and right-to-left matching of conjunctive rule elements
BugUIMA-4025ClosedRuta's HtmlConverter does not unescape all special HTML characters
BugUIMA-4045ClosedRuta: problem with reinitializing type variables in additional scripts
BugUIMA-4046ClosedRuta: strict import problem with declared type in additional scripts
BugUIMA-4047ClosedRuta: generated typesystems contain duplicate entries
BugUIMA-4071ClosedRuta: feature assignment on table dictionaries fails on skipped chars
BugUIMA-4079ClosedMarkTable action not able to recognize entities with two or more words
BugUIMA-4103ClosedRuta: PlainTextAnnotator paragraphs comprise nbsp lines
BugUIMA-4112ClosedRuta: Odd Rule Matching
BugUIMA-4124ClosedRuta: QueryView does not show rules and results on Linux
BugUIMA-4141ClosedRuta: find resources, resolve relative paths within jars
BugUIMA-4144ClosedRuta: do not override AE template config parameters when creating descriptors
BugUIMA-4164ClosedRuta: "greedy anchoring" and "only once" cause NPE for composed rule elements
BugUIMA-4232ClosedRuta: missing match for right to left matching with composed rule element
BugUIMA-4233ClosedRuta: NPE for Gather on optional rule element
BugUIMA-4237ClosedRuta: Document not matched if exended and invisible
BugUIMA-4239ClosedRuta: incremental partitioning breaks internal indexing
BugUIMA-4240ClosedRuta: verbalization of null feature matches
BugUIMA-4241ClosedRuta: skipped basic for right to left wildcard match
BugUIMA-4242ClosedRuta: non-existing wildcard match with additional condition
BugUIMA-4243ClosedRuta: null assignment in implicit action
BugUIMA-4244ClosedRuta: string assignment of feature expressions in structure actions
BugUIMA-4245ClosedRuta: out of window shift in inlined rules
BugUIMA-4249ClosedRuta: do not restrict type matching in windows with same type
BugUIMA-4261ClosedPartofneq does not match all annotations if created by exec action.
BugUIMA-4294ClosedRuta: Assignment of string list to StringArray in configuration parameters in CONFIGURE action
BugUIMA-4315ClosedRuta: block extensions break explanation
BugUIMA-4316ClosedRuta: Missing error for undefined variable in ASSIGN action
BugUIMA-4317ClosedRuta: problem in parsing a complex rule - repetetive NPEs
BugUIMA-4319ClosedRuta: can't assign annotation feature values in CREATE actions
BugUIMA-4398ClosedRuta: declare IDE grammar broken
BugUIMA-4400ClosedRuta: ruta maven plugin fails to build missing descriptors for scripts without delta
BugUIMA-4409ClosedRuta: annotation browser view misses to display all feature values
DocumentationUIMA-4276Closedimprovements to Ruta documentation
ImprovementUIMA-2507ClosedImprove test coverage of Ruta language
ImprovementUIMA-3863ClosedRuta: add documentation for common use cases
ImprovementUIMA-3866ClosedRuta: convert additional analysis engine to uimaFIT components
ImprovementUIMA-4062ClosedPlugable external resources on UIMA RUTA
ImprovementUIMA-4085ClosedRuta: plain text annotator should create annotations for empty lines
ImprovementUIMA-4086ClosedRuta: NBSP is not a WS
ImprovementUIMA-4277Closedcompress (ZIP) Ruta's MTWL
ImprovementUIMA-4286ClosedRuta: HTMLConverter: Option to convert tags outside body tags
ImprovementUIMA-4368Closedsyntax simplification for types declaration
ImprovementUIMA-4369Closedsyntax simplification for matching condition
ImprovementUIMA-4370Closedrefactor JUnit tests
New FeatureUIMA-3327ClosedGeneration of Ruta descriptors should happen in ruta-core
New FeatureUIMA-3650ClosedMaven plugin for buliding Ruta descriptors
New FeatureUIMA-3779ClosedRuta Workbench: hover information about configuration parameters for imported analysis engines
New FeatureUIMA-3996ClosedRuta: Add option to create classpath-compatible jars of Ruta projects
New FeatureUIMA-4005ClosedRuta: prototypical implementation of FST
New FeatureUIMA-4055ClosedRuta: MultiTreeWordList with Feature-based Output
New FeatureUIMA-4070ClosedRuta: variable value injection by configuration parameters
New FeatureUIMA-4074ClosedLoad Wordtable and Wordlist from external resources
New FeatureUIMA-4165ClosedUIMA Ruta new condition check null values in features
New FeatureUIMA-4235ClosedRuta: AE parameter for script content
New FeatureUIMA-4287ClosedRuta: improve handling of IDE in foreign environments
New FeatureUIMA-4305ClosedRuta HtmlConverter: add regexp pattern for newline inducing tags
New FeatureUIMA-4312ClosedRuta: allow both types of inlined rules at the same rule element
New FeatureUIMA-4320ClosedRuta: maven plugin for building twl/mtwl files
New FeatureUIMA-4411ClosedRuta: include option to use space as gapText parameter
TaskUIMA-3926ClosedContribution to Ruta: video and german tutorial
TaskUIMA-3997ClosedRuta: update dependencies/versions
TaskUIMA-4170ClosedRuta: move to Java 7
TaskUIMA-4176ClosedRuta: prepare release candidate
TaskUIMA-4296ClosedUpgrade Ruta to UIMA 2.7.0
TaskUIMA-4401ClosedRuta: include IDE support for core-ext artifact in update site
TaskUIMA-4402ClosedRuta: fix javadoc for java 8
TaskUIMA-4429ClosedRuta: use (tm) for complete name
TaskUIMA-4430ClosedRuta: eclipse plugins not compatible with kepler