JIRA Report

BugUIMA-2699ClosedProvide web-presence for Ruta
BugUIMA-3147ClosedInvisible wildcard match in Ruta should not be applied
BugUIMA-3269ClosedImported type system specified with broken url
BugUIMA-3282ClosedExplanation of feature match reference missing string value
BugUIMA-3283ClosedMatching reference pointing outside of current window
BugUIMA-3284ClosedRuta Workbench: Widget is disposed
BugUIMA-3286ClosedStart anchor after optional literal
BugUIMA-3287ClosedStrange behavior of semantic highlighting
BugUIMA-3292ClosedConflicting types are not flagged by RUTA
BugUIMA-3304ClosedMake included/excluded types in testing view (configurable) sensible to subtypes
BugUIMA-3309ClosedRuta: Filter file names in Query View
BugUIMA-3322ClosedOnly types from the declared typesystems should be available in RUTA scripts
BugUIMA-3323ClosedRuta type checker misses type of feature match
BugUIMA-3338ClosedQuestion Greedy quantifier in Ruta not working
BugUIMA-3342ClosedStackoverflow for composed rule elements with quantifier
BugUIMA-3347ClosedRuta: Missing False Positives in "Annotation Test" view
BugUIMA-3357ClosedCONTAINS fails when running script as AE in a pipeline with a new CAS
BugUIMA-3408ClosedRuta: Missing matches with dynamic anchoring
BugUIMA-3425ClosedRuta: MultiTreeWordList Constructor
BugUIMA-3471ClosedRuta: Arrays in Annotation Browser View
BugUIMA-3482ClosedRuta: Error highlighting for unknown types in inlined rules
BugUIMA-3483ClosedRuta: Setting features of a created annotation according to the matched annotation
BugUIMA-3493ClosedRuta language extensions miss support of list expressions as agruments
BugUIMA-3506ClosedDisjunctive rule element tries to continue match without annotation
BugUIMA-3507ClosedShow rule in editor by selection in explanation broken in ruta workbench
BugUIMA-3550ClosedFeature assignment for default group in simple regexp rules in Ruta
BugUIMA-3576ClosedRuta: "types share same shortname" warning message exceeds limits
BugUIMA-3585ClosedRuta: Multi-Tree Wordlists with Multi-Token Entries
BugUIMA-3589ClosedRUTA IDE cannot cope with spaces in workspace path
BugUIMA-3590ClosedWildcard rule element does not work properly
BugUIMA-3598ClosedRuta: matching with manual anchor
BugUIMA-3604ClosedRuta: PARTOFNEQ condition does not consider type inheritence
BugUIMA-3609ClosedOne Ruta test fails with java 7 but not with java 6
BugUIMA-3611ClosedMissing AST elements for numerical operations on feature values in Ruta Workbench
BugUIMA-3613ClosedSyntax check of MARKONCE broken in Ruta Workbench
BugUIMA-3622ClosedFormatter in Ruta editor duplicates declare keywords
BugUIMA-3628ClosedLoading scripts/descriptors in Ruta with incorrect paths
BugUIMA-3651ClosedImports by name not resolved by ResourceManager in Ruta Workbench
BugUIMA-3656ClosedNested disjunctive composed rule elements cause NPE
BugUIMA-3668ClosedRuta Workbench: Load type system descriptor from maven dependencies
BugUIMA-3670ClosedRuta action SETFEATURE does not work with feature expressions
BugUIMA-3678ClosedRuta: Trim Action throws Nullpointer on fully trimmed Annotations
BugUIMA-3679ClosedRuta documentation mentions wordlist with wrong quoting
BugUIMA-3728ClosedRuta Worbench reports false problem on imported script
ImprovementUIMA-2332ClosedProfile and optimize Ruta inference performance
ImprovementUIMA-2900ClosedRefactor Ruta IDE validators
ImprovementUIMA-3137ClosedCleanup Ruta launch configuration tabs
ImprovementUIMA-3207ClosedInvestigate if all streams and scanners are closed in Ruta
ImprovementUIMA-3306ClosedFilter in type view should be case insensitive
ImprovementUIMA-3307ClosedRuta project references closed project
ImprovementUIMA-3376ClosedRuta: Add option for Greedy Quantifier
ImprovementUIMA-3377ClosedIntroduce inference exceptions in Ruta
ImprovementUIMA-3409ClosedRuta: resolve uimaFIT engine dependencies from runtime eclipse classpath
ImprovementUIMA-3445ClosedRuta: Warnings in Ruta Query View
ImprovementUIMA-3469ClosedRuta: Annotation Browser View Extensions
ImprovementUIMA-3512ClosedAdd additional engine parameter for Ruta HtmlConverter to configure linebreak replacement.
ImprovementUIMA-3607ClosedImprove auto-completion functionality for type system import
ImprovementUIMA-3627ClosedReplace old screenshot in Ruta documentation
New FeatureUIMA-2768ClosedRuta: Add option for greedy anchoring
New FeatureUIMA-3280ClosedOption to specify vm arguments for Ruta launch config
New FeatureUIMA-3281ClosedOption to create UIMA descriptors in Ruta perspective
New FeatureUIMA-3303ClosedAdd a way to alias types in RUTA (e.g. "IMPORT type AS alias")
New FeatureUIMA-3387ClosedCopy list entries from Ruta Query View result
New FeatureUIMA-3441ClosedRuta: Extend classpath for Annotation Test run
New FeatureUIMA-3495ClosedReport ambiguous types in Ruta Editor
New FeatureUIMA-3533ClosedSupport new import functionality in Workbench
New FeatureUIMA-3552ClosedEnable FILL action to consider rule element matches for feature value selection
New FeatureUIMA-3569ClosedAllow extensions for complete block constructs in Ruta
New FeatureUIMA-3666ClosedRuta: Allow an additional argument in INLIST condition for the check
New FeatureUIMA-3683ClosedRuta: Add block that stops after first applied statement
QuestionUIMA-3382ClosedRuta: REGEXP from WORDLIST
QuestionUIMA-3669ClosedProblem with Annotation Declaration, Error parsing XCAS or XMI-CAS from source <unknown> at line 1, column 75407: unknown type: com.uima.RutaTesting.Gather_Testing.C.
TaskUIMA-3229ClosedInvestigate rule performance dependent of previous rules
TaskUIMA-3275ClosedMinor discrepencies in license and notice files
TaskUIMA-3341ClosedInclude all test in UIMA Ruta jenkins job
TaskUIMA-3455ClosedMove Ruta one level up in SVN
TaskUIMA-3539ClosedPrepare Ruta 2.2.0 release
TaskUIMA-3621ClosedImprove license/notice files in Ruta
TaskUIMA-3729ClosedLicense file of ruta engine plugin missed items
WishUIMA-3352Closedabsolute vs. relative paths in auto generated engine.xml