JIRA Report

BugUIMA-2428ClosedRuta: Context-sensitive auto-completion not working correctly.
BugUIMA-2528ClosedOpen CAS Editor blocks eclipse start
BugUIMA-2867ClosedComposed Ruta rule with min/max quantifier broken
BugUIMA-2888ClosedRuta IDE parser covers "Identifier" insufficiently
BugUIMA-2898ClosedAssigment of boolean expressions broken in SETFEATURE action
BugUIMA-2905ClosedRuta Workbench template completion broken
BugUIMA-2915ClosedRuta filtering settings work only on mentioned types, but not on their subtypes
BugUIMA-2933ClosedRute type matcher selects wrong annoation with length 0
BugUIMA-2938ClosedAdapt formatter in Ruta Workbench to recent changes
BugUIMA-2939ClosedDynamic anchoring of Ruta rules suffers from integer overflow
BugUIMA-2945ClosedRuta wildcard match not robust enough for failed next rule element
BugUIMA-2954ClosedRuta anchor selection after wildcard wrong
BugUIMA-2964ClosedRule matching without seeding causes problems
BugUIMA-2969ClosedMARKONCE action in ruta should not create annotations if partof is fulfilled
BugUIMA-2981ClosedRuta wildcard match problems for next uncle
BugUIMA-2995ClosedSourceDocumentInformation in Ruta launcher
BugUIMA-3002ClosedCascading wildcards cause massive match in Ruta
BugUIMA-3019ClosedMake REGEXP condition sensible to unicode case
BugUIMA-3051Closedruta: rule with matching condition ".*" -> doSomething causes null pointer exception
BugUIMA-3068ClosedCircular script imports in Ruta
BugUIMA-3082ClosedAdapt other Ruta projects to new ide layout
BugUIMA-3119ClosedProblems when launching Ruta scripts in Workbench with UIMA 2.4.1
BugUIMA-3151ClosedProblem with transitive mixin dependencies in Ruta
BugUIMA-3181ClosedRuta ViewWriter does not work correctly when called by Ruta script
BugUIMA-3187ClosedAdd all bundles with language extension to classpath of launch delegate in Ruta Workbench
BugUIMA-3190ClosedRuta Query view does not work with language extensions
BugUIMA-3191ClosedQuantifier on composed rule is ignored
BugUIMA-3212ClosedNPE when using SHIFT on parent types in low memory profile
BugUIMA-3223ClosedPlus reluctant quantifier on composed rule elment causes stack overflow
BugUIMA-3224ClosedDot notation of numerical features in conditions causes syntax error
BugUIMA-3225ClosedLoading scripts within jars
BugUIMA-3227Closedruta: script editor does not mark duplicate type declarations as an error
BugUIMA-3235Closedruta: selection dialog for types in ruta test and ruta annotation check shows unintended behavior
BugUIMA-3239ClosedUNMARK in Ruta should only remove matched annotation by default
BugUIMA-3240ClosedEvaluators in annotation testing have problems with subtypes
BugUIMA-3242ClosedTypes are only initialized for the first usage of a script when it is not executed on the default view
BugUIMA-3254ClosedNPE if script cannot be found
BugUIMA-3258Closedruta: greedy quantifier on bracketed construct does not match
BugUIMA-3262ClosedRuta: Numeric variables in MinMax quantifier
ImprovementUIMA-2344ClosedImprove type system handling of boundary matchers in TextRuler framework
ImprovementUIMA-2718ClosedExtend signing scripts for update sites in order to cover new pack.gz files
ImprovementUIMA-2777ClosedRuta: rule learning algorithms need to be adapted to recent changes
ImprovementUIMA-2946ClosedAuto trim for Ruta wildcard matches
ImprovementUIMA-2973ClosedReferences to example projects in Ruta documentation should point to the release
ImprovementUIMA-2980ClosedAdd concept of optional annotations in Ruta for empty wildcard matches
ImprovementUIMA-2985ClosedExcluded annotation types should not be deleted during test runs
ImprovementUIMA-2986ClosedAdd button "Select included types" in Annotation Test view
ImprovementUIMA-2989ClosedImprove error messages of RutaEngine
ImprovementUIMA-3025ClosedDescribe usage of annotations created by called AEs in Ruta documentation
ImprovementUIMA-3069ClosedSupport Ruta projects without packages
ImprovementUIMA-3115Closedfusion of block syntax and annotation specification syntax
ImprovementUIMA-3136ClosedImprove classpath of Ruta launcher
ImprovementUIMA-3194ClosedWORDTABLE cannot be loaded from the classpath
ImprovementUIMA-3255ClosedAllow autocompletion of uimaFIT components in dependencies of Ruta project
New FeatureUIMA-2672ClosedRuta: Enable direct import of uimaFIT analysis engines
New FeatureUIMA-2710ClosedRuta: Include import and call of preprocess script
New FeatureUIMA-2758ClosedRuta: Provide support for tree structures and parse trees in rule language
New FeatureUIMA-2839ClosedProvide option to avoid own vm for LaunchDelegate in TextMarker Workbench
New FeatureUIMA-2873Closedruta: display feature name for referenced annotation in annotation browser view
New FeatureUIMA-2904ClosedAdd implicit ruta actions
New FeatureUIMA-2920ClosedUse feature expressions also for primitive values
New FeatureUIMA-2921ClosedRuta composed rule elements have problems with quantifier
New FeatureUIMA-2955ClosedAllow arbitrary string expressions instead of only string variables in REGEXP condition
New FeatureUIMA-2975ClosedInclude manual selection of anchoring rule element in Ruta language
New FeatureUIMA-2994ClosedUIMA Ruta: Call collectionProcessComplete on Java AEs
New FeatureUIMA-2997ClosedRuta: provide functionality to cut a CAS
New FeatureUIMA-3027ClosedPossibility to change an Eclipse project to a RUTA project
New FeatureUIMA-3029ClosedImprove support for creating gold data sets in Ruta Workbench
New FeatureUIMA-3071ClosedBreak up sequential matching in Ruta rules
New FeatureUIMA-3184ClosedRuta: support execution of sofa-unaware analysis engines on different views within Ruta scripts
New FeatureUIMA-3228ClosedAdd MARKFIRST action to Ruta
New FeatureUIMA-3246ClosedConvert the Ruta analysis engine into a uimaFIT analysis engine
Sub-taskUIMA-3077ClosedSeparate Ruta IDE plugin
TaskUIMA-2704ClosedProvide exemplary Ruta project for TextRuler algorithms
TaskUIMA-2858ClosedContribute transformation-based rule learning to UIMA Ruta
TaskUIMA-2859ClosedContribute constraint-driven evaluation to UIMA Ruta
TaskUIMA-2860ClosedContribute rule learning based on engineering patterns to UIMA Ruta
TaskUIMA-2972ClosedDeactivate wien and rapier in Ruta Workbench
TaskUIMA-2991ClosedAdapt ruta update site to new mechanism
TaskUIMA-2992ClosedAdapt ruta engine plugin to new build mechanism
TaskUIMA-2993ClosedAdd view visualizing html artifact in Ruta Workbench
TaskUIMA-3120ClosedRelax restriction of Ruta plugin dependency to DLTK
TaskUIMA-3230ClosedImprove readme file of Ruta
TaskUIMA-3241ClosedPrepare ruta for 2.1.0 release