JavaServer (tm) Web Development Kit
Version 1.1 Experts Release

You are viewing the default JSWDK home page which is distributed with this package. This page serves as a quick reference guide to related resources and is located at:

Included within this release are functional examples with associated source code, API documentation for servlets and JSP, a README, a technical FAQ on this release and an assortment of jar files which are pre-requisites for continued development of web technologies including JSP and Servlets.


Documentation: The README file, which can be found at </path/to/jswdk>/README, contains a list of known bugs, incompatibilities and limitations. Please send feedback regarding JSWDK to:
More information pertaining to the technologies implemented in JSWDK can be found at the following links: and by subscribing to one or more of the following JSWDK related interest lists:

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