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Apache TinkerPop™ has an extensive set of documentation that covers virtually all aspects of usage. This documentation tends to fall into the following categories:

  1. Reference Documentation - The primary documentation for TinkerPop which provides the most complete guide to TinkerPop usage. All other documentation tends to exist in support of this reference guide.

  2. Tutorials - Brief but detailed explanations of specific technologies, patterns, use cases or best practices related to TinkerPop.

  3. Publications - Blog posts, technical papers, presentation materials, etc.

  4. Developer - Documentation for contributors to TinkerPop or for providers (i.e. those who implement TinkerPop’s interfaces).

  5. Javadoc - The full Javadoc for all TinkerPop modules. There is also an abridged version of the core interfaces which may be more convenient in some cases.

  6. .NET Docs - The API documentation for Gremlin.Net.

  7. JSDoc - The JSDoc for gremlin-javascript.

  8. Upgrade Documentation - Notes related to upgrading from one version of TinkerPop to the next. This document describes breaking changes, major new features and other important information related to a particular version.

Some of the documentation listed here leads to third-party web sites. Such documentation is supplemental to Apache TinkerPop. Third-party documentation is marked as such in the listings below.


gremlin gym cropped

Getting Started with TinkerPop
A gentle introduction to TinkerPop and the Gremlin traversal language that is divided into five, ten and fifteen minute tutorial blocks.

gremlin dashboard

The Gremlin Console
Provides a detailed look at The Gremlin Console and how it can be used when working with TinkerPop.

gremlin anatomy

Gremlin’s Anatomy
Identifies and explains the component parts of a Gremlin traversal.

gremlin chef

Gremlin Recipes
A collection of best practices and common traversal patterns for Gremlin.

gremlin house of mirrors cropped

Gremlin Language Variants
Instructs developers on the approach to building a Gremlin variant in their native programming language.

gremlin lab coat

Learn Gremlin using typical patterns found when querying data with SQL. (external)

gremlin standing

Getting Started with Graph Databases
A brief overview of RDBMS architecture in comparison to graph, basic graph terminology, a real-world use case for graph, and an overview of Gremlin. (external)

gremlin compendium

The Gremlin Compendium, minimum survival kit for any Gremlin user
A series of blog posts that examine the Gremlin language in the context of various graph traversal patterns. (external)

practical gremlin

Practical Gremlin: An Apache TinkerPop Tutorial
A getting started guide for users of graph databases and the Gremlin query language featuring hints, tips and sample queries. (external)


Unless otherwise noted, all "publications" are externally managed:


business gremlin

Provides information on ways to contribute to TinkerPop as well as details on building the project and other specific information for contributors.

tinkerpop enabled

Documentation for providers who implement the TinkerPop interfaces, develop plugins or drivers, or provide other third-party libraries for TinkerPop.

gremlin io2

IO Reference
Reference Documentation for providers and users of the various IO formats that TinkerPop has: GraphML, GraphSON and Gryo.