Subversion Inconveniences

Subversion is Alpha software, and there are plenty of known bugs (see the Tasks page for a detailed list). Below are some of the problems most likely to annoy new users.

  1. Repository deadlocks

    If an svn client is directly accessing a repository via a file:/// url and is interrupted, or crashes, (or if httpd crashes), the repository is likely to be left in a 'wedged' state. You'll need to run 'svnadmin recover /path/to/repos' to unwedge the repository. Make sure you shut down httpd before doing this.

    See Issue #739 and for more details.

  2. Charset conversion failure mode too extreme

    If Subversion cannot convert log data to your local charset encoding, it will (currently) just show "[unconvertible data]" for the entire unconverted log message. This is lossier than necessary. There are even some revisions in the Subversion repository itself that exhibit this behavior when the client locale is ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1).

    See Issue #807 for more details.