Submission Instructions

1. Create your graphic.
Please, don't use patent-encumbered formats like GIF. JPG is still probably safe, and PNG is the better yet.
Please keep your images to a size of 40Kbytes or smaller.
2. Get yourself a Subversion client.
Subversion's main website has instructions on how to build (and bootstrap) from source. Binary packages are also available. If you're completely new to Subversion, you can download documentation.
3. Check out a working copy of the logo-contest repository
$ svn checkout
4. Schedule your graphic for addition to the 'images' subdirectory
$ cp myimage.png logos/images/
$ svn add logos/images/myimage.png
5. Set the image's mime-type property appropriately, so it can be viewed directly with a web browser:
$ svn propset svn:mime-type "image/png" logo/images/myimage.png
6. Edit the 'entries.html' file.
Add some html near the bottom of the file that includes a new entry-number, a link to your image, any comments you want to make, and your name and email address. Be sure to end your section with an "hr" tag. For example:
<p> 1. <img src="images/myimage.png"><br />
     Filename: myimage.png<br />
     Submitted by:  Joe Blow (<br />
     Comments: I made this logo by spreading jam across a table.  It
               reminds me of the inner angst of version control.
</p><hr />
7. Add entry to the bottom of the VOTES file
     99. new-entry.jpg      0
8. Commit your changes to the repository.
In your log message, just mention your name:
$ cd logos
$ svn commit -m "Added new logo from Joe Blow ("

Voting Instructions

1. Check out a working copy of the logo-contest repository
$ svn checkout
2. Edit the file VOTES
It should be self-explanatory.
2. Commit your vote.
$ svn commit -m "Votes from [your name here]." VOTES
Feel free to use an obscure nickname for your name, if you don't want to reveal your identity. But avoid "anonymous", because then it'll be hard for you to go back over the logs and figure out what you voted for in the past, which you'll want to do if you're changing your votes.