DefaultTelephone at revision 6908

The most possible straightforward getters and setters. Method signatures are imposed by GeoAPI interfaces, so rewriting this contribution from scratch can only produce identical starting point (ignoring formatting). SIS/Geotk have more elaborated methods now (checks for write permissions, synchronization, JAXB).

Command line:

svn cat -r6908
Revision 6908
package org.geotools.metadata.iso19115;

public class Telephone extends MetaData implements
        org.opengis.metadata.citation.Telephone {

    private String voice;
    private String facsimile;

    public String getVoice() {
        return voice;
    public String getFacsimile() {
        return facsimile;
    public void setFacsimile(String facsimile) {
        this.facsimile = facsimile;
    public void setVoice(String voice) {
        this.voice = voice;