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svn log -r31996:1 https://svn.osgeo.org/geotools/trunk/modules/extension/widgets-swing/src/main/java/org/geotools/gui/swing/ZoomPane.java
Rev. Date Author Message
314452008-09-07desruisseauxGEOT-1667: Need to invoke LogRecord.setLoggerName(String) before Logger.log(LogRecord).
306552008-06-12acusterCopyright headers: extn/widgets-swing, this time with feeling (and the el in Toolkit)
306232008-06-12acusterCopyright headers: ext/widgets-swing, headers and review.txt
302582008-05-08acusterReshuffle the top level repo: drop uDig, move up trunk, tags, and branches.
302572008-05-08acusterMove trunk/gt/ directory contents up to trunk/ and drop gt
289222008-01-24acusterBump the (at)since version to 2.5 since WKTParser was cut from 2.4
285402007-12-29acusterHide buttons which are not yet used
285222007-12-27desruisseauxFixed compilation error specific to Java 5 (was compiling fine with Java 6).
285212007-12-27desruisseauxType safety.
283912007-12-16desruisseauxAttempt to make FactoryCreator more tolerant to dependencies that can't be fetched for a given set of hints (GEOT-1618). Also cleaned a little bit of calls to 'unexpectedException' as a side effect.
279722007-11-21desruisseauxMore use of Java 5 generic. The generic spotted for us a bug in Citation.getIdentifiers(), which returns a set of Strings when it should returns a set of Identifiers. Not yet fixed because it will require a search in the whole GeoTools code base. I wish we used Generic types sooner for preventing this kind of bug...
278562007-11-12desruisseauxReplaced 'Logger.getLogger(...)' calls by 'Logging.getLogger(...)' (GEOT-1545).
278472007-11-12desruisseauxReplaced some references to 'org.geotools.util' by references to 'org.geotools.util.logging'. Removed the old classes to make sure that there is no more accidental references. Note that the old classes will not be removed from the 2.4 branch.
275752007-10-22desruisseauxConverted Java source files from ISO-LATIN-1 encoding to UTF-8 (GEOT-1516).
236352007-01-01desruisseauxUses fully-qualified class name (instead of last name only) in logging. More work on versioned URN:OGC:DEF factory.
229972006-11-26desruisseauxReplaced the use of some deprecated methods (MonolineFormatter.initGeotools --> Logging.forceMonolineConsoleOutput; Utilities.unexpectedException --> Logging.unexpectedException; GeneralEnvelope.getCoordinateReferenceSystem --> Envelope.getCoordinateReferenceSystem).
227102006-11-12desruisseauxReview of coverage branch merge: In 'CategoryList', check for the 'no data' category name only if the geophysics value is some NaN value. Moved XAffineTransform to a public place and added methods for testing axis swapping, as a proposed replacement for 'GeneralGridGeometry.swapXY(CoordinateSystem)' (replacement not yet done; waiting for the okay from the mailing list). In GeneralGridGeometry, added methods for returning a math transform relative to some pixel corner instead of pixel center, as a proposed replacement for the 'getTransform(...)' public static methods (I would like to remove those static methods in order to keep the API a little bit more orthogonal).
224822006-10-31desruisseauxFixed svn:ignore property and removed svn:executable.
223272006-10-23desruisseauxGEOT-982: regroup 'module', 'plugin', 'ext' and 'unsupported' in a common directory.
223152006-10-22desruisseauxReorganisation of directory tree structure (GEOT-982) phase 1: moved 'src' to 'src/main/java'.
208832006-08-07jgarnettreview.txt added, please review
179342006-02-09desruisseauxAdditional testing in GO-1 initial implementation (GEOT-415).
176722006-01-19desruisseauxAdded @source tag.
176602006-01-18desruisseauxFixed SVN attributes, including the addition of URL attribute.
176592006-01-18desruisseauxDo not deep copy 'doc-files' sub-directories anymore. It had the unwanted side effect of copying '.svn' directories as well (GEOT-691).
164592005-10-19desruisseauxAdded 'gt2-' prefix in Maven 2 build. Build now copies all JAR and their dependencies in a single flat directory: gt/target
148342005-07-20desruisseauxReorganized I18N resources
147632005-07-11desruisseauxMoved more widgets from module/migrate to ext/widgets-swing
147542005-07-08desruisseauxMoved some widgets from 'module/migrate' to 'ext/widgets-swing'
139592005-05-31desruisseauxAdded a convenience 'transformPixels' method
123022005-03-16desruisseauxEnabled the refactored DatumAliases as a replacement of the initial version
122882005-03-16jeicharlite renderer demo
110862005-02-03jmacgilladded old version of code back in.
107932005-01-28jeicharbefore CRS migration after JTS1.6
88412004-10-26desruisseauxorg.geotools.referencing.Identifier implementation implements GenericName as well, for use as alias
70132004-07-19desruisseauxSlight adjustement after GeoAPI changes in metadata
62112004-05-27desruisseauxReplaced org.geotools...TransformException by org.opengis...TransformException
61502004-05-25desruisseauxMoved geometry related resources in the org.geotools.resources.geometry package
60572004-05-23jgarnettmove gui to main
57742004-05-23jgarnettgeotools-src serves as the start of our new module directory (the data access modules will escape off to plugin directory soon)
57692004-05-23jgarnettProject renamed to gt
56192004-05-13(pas d'auteur)Move repository under gt.
50592004-02-16desruisseauxAdded Javadoc comments for the logger
50522004-02-16aaimeConditionally create logging data only if the "FINER" level is enabled for logging
38842003-09-18desruisseauxAdded get/setMagnifierGlass methods
32782003-07-11desruisseauxBug fix / javadoc fixes
31142003-06-25desruisseauxFixed a NullPointerException
29952003-06-02desruisseauxBug fixes in Plot2D
29012003-05-15desruisseauxRemoved unused local variable
28582003-05-13desruisseauxAdded PMC owner to copyright notice
22272003-01-31desruisseauxTuning decimation
21712003-01-24desruisseauxCorrection for pixel coordinate under the ZoomPane's magnifier
14852002-08-20desruisseauxChanged logger name from module to package
13222002-07-31desruisseauxFixed ID tag in JavaDoc
11882002-07-22jmacgillmade setVisibableArea non final for now as MapPane needs to use it.
10952002-07-15loxnardFinished translating and updated Javadocs
8802002-06-26desruisseauxFixed javadoc warnings
6932002-06-04desruisseauxMoved from 'swinggui' module