ObjectConverter history

The original interface is work from the Open Planning Project. See the discussion at revision 22626 for more information.

Click on the commit message for inspecting the diff and how the code has been rewritten.

Command line:

svn log -r31996:22626 https://svn.osgeo.org/geotools/trunk/modules/library/api/src/main/java/org/geotools/util/Converter.java
Rev. Date Author Message
306422008-06-12acusterCopyright headers: lib/api, this time with feeling (and the el in Toolkit)
305402008-06-06acusterCopyright review: update headers on lib/api
302582008-05-08acusterReshuffle the top level repo: drop uDig, move up trunk, tags, and branches.
302572008-05-08acusterMove trunk/gt/ directory contents up to trunk/ and drop gt
298782008-04-09jgarnettsome type wrangling for converters
289222008-01-24acusterBump the (at)since version to 2.5 since WKTParser was cut from 2.4
285402007-12-29acusterHide buttons which are not yet used
236482007-01-02jeicharadded some logs for outputs in WFS. reverted a previous change in Coordinate xml encoder
230772006-11-28jdeoliveremoved canHandle method
228172006-11-17desruisseauxFixed SVN properties for all Java files.
226262006-11-07jdeoliveadded converter api