Log4JLogger history

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svn log -r31996:1 https://svn.osgeo.org/geotools/trunk/modules/library/metadata/src/main/java/org/geotools/util/logging/Log4JLogger.java
Rev. Date Author Message
309372008-07-07acusterGraduation: affiliate Saul Farber with MassGIS
306402008-06-12acusterCopyright headers: lib/metadata, this time with feeling (and the el in Toolkit)
306372008-06-12acusterCopyright headers: lib/metadata, now normalized to LGPL v2.1 only
305192008-06-05acusterMetadata header cleanup and copyright review.
302582008-05-08acusterReshuffle the top level repo: drop uDig, move up trunk, tags, and branches.
302572008-05-08acusterMove trunk/gt/ directory contents up to trunk/ and drop gt
289222008-01-24acusterBump the (at)since version to 2.5 since WKTParser was cut from 2.4
285402007-12-29acusterHide buttons which are not yet used
278902007-11-14desruisseauxWhen Commons-logging or Log4J is not in the classpath, tries to throw a checked ClassNotFoundException early instead of a unchecked NoClassDefFoundError late (when a message is first logged, which may be long after the setLoggerFactory(...) call).
278762007-11-13aaimeRemoved LoggingFramework, made LoggerFactory subclasses public, fixed logging level mapping
278502007-11-12desruisseauxReplaced switch statement by a simplier method call using toLog4JLevel (suggested by Andrea). I should increase the chances of consistent behavior.
278472007-11-12desruisseauxReplaced some references to 'org.geotools.util' by references to 'org.geotools.util.logging'. Removed the old classes to make sure that there is no more accidental references. Note that the old classes will not be removed from the 2.4 branch.
278402007-11-11desruisseauxAdded Log4JLogger and more tests.
278382007-11-11desruisseauxCompleted a CommonLogger; should work but not yet extensively tested. A Log4J logger need to be done.
277942007-11-07desruisseauxRefactored CommonHandler as CommonLogger.
275002007-10-15desruisseauxFirst round of Java 5 generic types applied to org.geotools.resources and org.geotools.util packages. As a side effect, removed the deprecated org.geotools.resources.TestData class (moved to org.geotools.test).
258232007-06-13desruisseauxCleanup and javadoc update.
251932007-04-18desruisseauxFixed some typos in metadata revealed by the new ISOTest. First draft of hints review (still in process).
250122007-04-04saul.farberFixes for http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/GEOT-1202 and http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/GEOT-1220
224432006-10-27desruisseauxSplitted referencing, extracting metadata in their own module (GEOT-983). As a side effect, replaced some calls of CRSUtilities.foo(...) by CRS.foo(...).
223272006-10-23desruisseauxGEOT-982: regroup 'module', 'plugin', 'ext' and 'unsupported' in a common directory.
223152006-10-22desruisseauxReorganisation of directory tree structure (GEOT-982) phase 1: moved 'src' to 'src/main/java'.
217352006-10-01desruisseauxAdded a way to redirect java logging to Apache commons logging.