IntegerList history

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svn log -r31996:1
Rev. Date Author Message
307922008-06-23desruisseauxSynchronized the collections used in metadata. Javadoc cleanup.
306402008-06-12acusterCopyright headers: lib/metadata, this time with feeling (and the el in Toolkit)
306372008-06-12acusterCopyright headers: lib/metadata, now normalized to LGPL v2.1 only
305292008-06-05desruisseauxCoverage I/O mosaic: first draft of empty tiles detection before the tile list is generated (as opposed to finding empty tiles after the tile list is generated). Not yet fully debugged, we still have an AssertionError. The assert statement is commented-out for now.
305192008-06-05acusterMetadata header cleanup and copyright review.
303692008-05-21desruisseauxHacking GridTileManager (not yet finished).
303352008-05-19desruisseauxAll GridTileManager methods are now implemented, but getTiles(...) probably needs more development. Still have to write JUnit test suite.
302632008-05-14desruisseauxMilestone work toward a mosaic reader optimized for regular grid. Not yet operational.