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svn log -r31996:1 https://svn.osgeo.org/geotools/trunk/modules/library/referencing/src/main/java/org/geotools/referencing/factory/epsg/ThreadedEpsgFactory.java
Rev. Date Author Message
314452008-09-07desruisseauxGEOT-1667: Need to invoke LogRecord.setLoggerName(String) before Logger.log(LogRecord).
306412008-06-12acusterCopyright headers: lib/referencing, this time with feeling (and the el in Toolkit)
305212008-06-05acusterCopyright: Update referencing headers
302582008-05-08acusterReshuffle the top level repo: drop uDig, move up trunk, tags, and branches.
302572008-05-08acusterMove trunk/gt/ directory contents up to trunk/ and drop gt
289222008-01-24acusterBump the (at)since version to 2.5 since WKTParser was cut from 2.4
287902008-01-16desruisseauxRenamed resources.i18n.Logging as resources.i18n.Loggings (with an s) for avoiding name clash with util.logging.Logging. The name clash would not have been an issue if those two classes were not typically used together... Also performed a few javadoc fixes in DirectPosition2D.
286692008-01-09desruisseauxRemoved deprecated DataSource interface in order to simplify the EPSG factory code, for making debugging easier. Fixed a bug in the search for authority name as a side effect of GEOT-1659 investigation. Code formatting.
285402007-12-29acusterHide buttons which are not yet used
282672007-12-06desruisseauxGeoTools trunk now build against GeoAPI 2.2-SNAPSHOT.
279952007-11-22desruisseauxMore generics type, and moved two methods from ReferencingFactoryContainer to GeoAPI MathTransformFactory interface. Note that the build fails in the arcsde module for a reason that seems unrelated to this work.
279232007-11-18desruisseauxApplying some more generic types, especially in the factory package. Required slight changes in the way FactoryRegistry is used, as documented in http://docs.codehaus.org/display/GEOTOOLS/Fixing+compilation+errors
275752007-10-22desruisseauxConverted Java source files from ISO-LATIN-1 encoding to UTF-8 (GEOT-1516).
267862007-08-30jgarnettupdate oracle profile to use -Doracle=true and remove some of the JNDI name tricky
267032007-08-25jgarnettFix up Name creation so we can work with more JNDI systems
261952007-07-10jgarnettRemove the JNDI class and fold the configuration options into GeoTools, along with all other configuration options. GEOT-1366
260962007-06-29jgarnettuntangle the origional FactoryUsing code so it is out of the way
259722007-06-21desruisseauxReplaced usage of deprecated classes/methods by the new ones. A side effect is to restore the buffering in ThreadedEpsgFactory, which was partially disabled by class name changes.
259572007-06-20desruisseauxJavadoc (e.g. updating the @since tags)
259282007-06-19jgarnettCreated ThreadedEpsgFactory from DefaultFactory, GEOT-1341
254062007-05-03desruisseaux-Dorg.geotools.referencing.forceXY system property was broken. Should now be fixed.
253962007-05-01desruisseauxGEOT-1160 now work with ordered axis (tests added). Added an implementation for fallback factories, but not yet tested.
253922007-04-30saul.farbernullpointerexceptions, etc are thrown by factories as they're shutting down. No need to worry about them, and besides they clutter logs and debugtraces.
252622007-04-23desruisseauxFinished review of metadata and factory hints change. Fixed a potential glitch in parameter names handling (some code were disabled in AbstractIdentifiedObject apparently in order to avoid a ClassCastException caused by the spit of org.opengis.metadata.Identifier in two interfaces, Identifier and ReferenceIdentifier. Fixed the exception and reenabled the code). Not sure yet what the consequence was. It may help for the stereographic projection issue, but need to check.
250502007-04-06jgarnettexample of custom file based TestSutie, copy JTS parsing code over to unsupported/geometry
247652007-03-15desruisseauxMoved 'addFactoryIteratorProvider' method from FactoryRegistry to Factories (with global scope). Also added a EPSG_DATA_SOURCE hint.
244352007-02-16desruisseauxFirst draft of a CRS.main(String[]) method, as a more generic replacement of DefaultFactory.main(String[]). A bug in AllAuthorityFactory.getAuthorityCodes() has been resolved in the process.
240932007-01-28desruisseauxDisabled the automatic JNDI registration (GEOT-909).
239902007-01-21desruisseauxEPSG factories do not uses anymore a proxy that extended javax.sql.DataSource. It was a cause of trouble in JEE environment (GEOT-909). We still use javax.sql.DataSource, but in a more direct way.
236352007-01-01desruisseauxUses fully-qualified class name (instead of last name only) in logging. More work on versioned URN:OGC:DEF factory.
236322006-12-29desruisseauxGEOT-859: Refactored the URN syntax adapter for CRS factories. The adapter now apply to any factory. Some progress toward version management (but not yet there). NOTE: this new implementation forces axis order "as specified in the database", which is different from the original "URNEPSGAdapter" implementation which used (x,y) order. Various changes in many corners of "org.geotools.referencing.factory" as a side-effect of this work. Minor opportunist javadoc fixes in other modules.
223272006-10-23desruisseauxGEOT-982: regroup 'module', 'plugin', 'ext' and 'unsupported' in a common directory.
223152006-10-22desruisseauxReorganisation of directory tree structure (GEOT-982) phase 1: moved 'src' to 'src/main/java'.
208742006-08-07jgarnettip review
197582006-06-01desruisseauxTake in account the 'force.longitude.first.axis.order' system property (GEOT-858).
197552006-05-31desruisseauxAdded FORCE_LONGITUDE_FIRST_AXIS_ORDER hint (GEOT-858). This work implied a large amount of work, hunting for infinite recursive method calls in many places.
195572006-05-18desruisseauxAuthorityBackedFactory now take inverse transform in account. Improved pseudo-WKT formatting for CoordinateOperation.
193032006-04-27desruisseauxAdded comment about Logger.setLevel(...) usage. Changed CoverageStack.coveragesAt return type from Set to List.
181032006-02-20desruisseauxAvoid to log a stack trace if there is no EPSG data source on the class path.
176722006-01-19desruisseauxAdded @source tag.
176602006-01-18desruisseauxFixed SVN attributes, including the addition of URL attribute.
169832005-11-25desruisseauxReplaced references to static fields and methods of CitationImpl.* by Citations.*
162052005-10-11desruisseauxCleaned javadoc warning. More work done on Maven 2 configuration (GEOT-691)
153502005-08-16desruisseauxMerged the 'split-main' branch to trunk (GEOT-662)
153192005-08-12desruisseauxBug fix for GEOT-660 and GEOT-661: BursaWolfParameters now used even if Hints.LENIENT_DATUM_SHIFT is true
152562005-08-09desruisseauxExtraction of referencing module from main
152552005-08-09desruisseauxPrepare branch for splitting main
151502005-08-05desruisseauxAdded more localizations / Bug fix in image sample values table widget
146082005-06-25desruisseauxEPSG authority factory now uses path informations for ConcatenatedOperation object creations / Added PostgreSQL plugin (mostly as a demo) / Javadoc fixes
145642005-06-20desruisseauxInitial implementation of GEOT-589. Partially tested, more tests to come
145602005-06-17desruisseauxImplemented the 'getAuthorityCodes()' and 'getDescriptionText(...)' methods in EPSG factory
140602005-06-03desruisseauxFirst working version of epsg-hsql plugin (including the EPSG database as SQL script)
139252005-05-30desruisseauxAdded @since javadoc tag
138132005-05-26desruisseauxRenamed EPSG factory implementations
137782005-05-25desruisseauxInitial draft of EPSG-HSQL plugin (database not yet included)
137522005-05-23desruisseauxAdded the 'Impl' suffix to direct implementations of all metadata interfaces; deprecated the old implementations (not yet deleted).
133712005-05-04desruisseauxAdded a test cases for WarpTransform2D
131192005-04-14desruisseauxMoved connection parameters to the EPSG MS-Access database into a separated module: plugin/epsg-access
130632005-04-12desruisseauxAdded convenience constructor for CoverageStack / Tuned the search for DataSource in default EPSG factory
130492005-04-11desruisseauxSearch for custom DataSource in META-INF/services/ instead of preferences
129652005-04-05desruisseauxMerged 'factory-hints' branch r12393:12964 into the trunk. Added 'getImplementationHints()' method after the merge into Factory implementations, in order to get Geotools to compile with Maven.
122122005-03-15desruisseauxFirst working version of DatumAliases as a DatumFactory
117182005-03-01desruisseauxReplaced system preferences by user preferences, as of GEOT-450
117042005-02-28dzwiers(no message)
116942005-02-26desruisseauxReplaced system preferences by user preferences, as of GEOT-450
115262005-02-21desruisseauxAttempt to workaround a NullPointerException in JDBC-ODBC bridge on Linux
115102005-02-18desruisseauxPorted the WKT-based EPSG factory from plugin/epsg
114632005-02-17desruisseauxRemplaced JDBC DriverManager by JDBC DataSource / Added EPSG FactoryForSQL
114042005-02-15desruisseauxEPSGFactory created only when first needed instead of in the DefaultFactory constructor
113852005-02-14desruisseauxFinal working version of EPSG factory. Now registered in ServiceRegistry