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svn log -r31996:1 https://svn.osgeo.org/geotools/trunk/modules/library/referencing/src/main/java/org/geotools/referencing/factory/epsg/DirectEpsgFactory.java
Rev. Date Author Message
314452008-09-07desruisseauxGEOT-1667: Need to invoke LogRecord.setLoggerName(String) before Logger.log(LogRecord).
310002008-07-10desruisseauxAvoid usage of 2 deprecated constructors from CRSFactory. Their replacement were tricky and required more sophesticated code in ReferencingFactoryContainer.toGeodetic3D.
307602008-06-18desruisseauxUpgrated from JSR-108 to JSR-275 (GEOT-1266). Some opportunist javadoc fixes and @Override annotations in the process.
306412008-06-12acusterCopyright headers: lib/referencing, this time with feeling (and the el in Toolkit)
305212008-06-05acusterCopyright: Update referencing headers
302582008-05-08acusterReshuffle the top level repo: drop uDig, move up trunk, tags, and branches.
302572008-05-08acusterMove trunk/gt/ directory contents up to trunk/ and drop gt
290922008-02-05desruisseauxDocumentation updates. Java 5 type safety mostly in EPSG factories. LogarithmicTransform1D optimization by using the new (and presumably more accurate) Java 5 Math.log10(double) method.
289222008-01-24acusterBump the (at)since version to 2.5 since WKTParser was cut from 2.4
287902008-01-16desruisseauxRenamed resources.i18n.Logging as resources.i18n.Loggings (with an s) for avoiding name clash with util.logging.Logging. The name clash would not have been an issue if those two classes were not typically used together... Also performed a few javadoc fixes in DirectPosition2D.
285402007-12-29acusterHide buttons which are not yet used
283912007-12-16desruisseauxAttempt to make FactoryCreator more tolerant to dependencies that can't be fetched for a given set of hints (GEOT-1618). Also cleaned a little bit of calls to 'unexpectedException' as a side effect.
282522007-12-04desruisseauxMore MosaicImageReader work. As a side effect, moved Utilities.getShort[Class]Name in a separated utilities class named 'Classes'. Also added a couple of @Override annotations.
281072007-11-28desruisseauxUpdated for recent changes in GeoAPI interfaces.
280812007-11-27desruisseauxJava 5 constructs: replaced some StringBuffer by StringBuilder in order to avoid unecessary synchronisation; rely on auto-boxing in order to give a chance to the JVM to reuse its cached values.
278472007-11-12desruisseauxReplaced some references to 'org.geotools.util' by references to 'org.geotools.util.logging'. Removed the old classes to make sure that there is no more accidental references. Note that the old classes will not be removed from the 2.4 branch.
275752007-10-22desruisseauxConverted Java source files from ISO-LATIN-1 encoding to UTF-8 (GEOT-1516).
262502007-07-14jgarnettfind now works between mediator and worker; the end result was pretty elegant - the worker is configured with a seperate findCache in order not to distrupt the normal course of events
259722007-06-21desruisseauxReplaced usage of deprecated classes/methods by the new ones. A side effect is to restore the buffering in ThreadedEpsgFactory, which was partially disabled by class name changes.
259572007-06-20desruisseauxJavadoc (e.g. updating the @since tags)
259402007-06-20jgarnettSet up XXXDialectEpsgFactory classes, GEOT-1343 and GEOT-1344
259312007-06-19jgarnettchange factory finder lookup to be against ThreadedEpsgFactory
258012007-06-11chornerGEOT-908: fixed oracle reserved word FILE
257102007-06-01desruisseauxTried to elaborate on the confusing comment.
257072007-05-31jgarnettcleaned up comment that confused me
256712007-05-29desruisseauxCRS chooser widget now work with the fallback chain of EPSG factories. Fixed in the process a NullPointerException which was on the way in FactoryUsingSQL.createObject(String).
254062007-05-03desruisseaux-Dorg.geotools.referencing.forceXY system property was broken. Should now be fixed.
253892007-04-30desruisseauxGEOT-1160: Make IdentifiedObjectFinder public, so we can keep AbstractAuthorityFactory a little bit simplier (less methods there).
252622007-04-23desruisseauxFinished review of metadata and factory hints change. Fixed a potential glitch in parameter names handling (some code were disabled in AbstractIdentifiedObject apparently in order to avoid a ClassCastException caused by the spit of org.opengis.metadata.Identifier in two interfaces, Identifier and ReferenceIdentifier. Fixed the exception and reenabled the code). Not sure yet what the consequence was. It may help for the stereographic projection issue, but need to check.
249252007-03-27jgarnettchange to org.opengis.geometry
247012007-03-07desruisseauxFixed a build failure on Java 6. Also fixed many small details in the referencing framework.
246702007-03-04desruisseauxParse directions of the kind 'North along 90 deg East'. This is a step toward GEOT-936.
246502007-03-01desruisseauxMinor changes in exception chaining.
245782007-02-24desruisseauxRenamed 'OrthographicFoo' as 'FooOrthographic' for consistency with OGC and EPSG naming. Also fixed an exception in FactoryUsingSQL when 'createDatum' is invoked with a code of the 'EPSG:xxxx' form.
245632007-02-23desruisseauxRefactored ObliqueMercator constructors (GEOT-786). Also added a 'Scale factor on initial line' alias, which is required for ObliqueMercator created from the EPSG database.
245442007-02-21desruisseauxUpdated EPSG database from 6.8 to 6.12.
244952007-02-19desruisseauxMore work on the command line tool.
244352007-02-16desruisseauxFirst draft of a CRS.main(String[]) method, as a more generic replacement of DefaultFactory.main(String[]). A bug in AllAuthorityFactory.getAuthorityCodes() has been resolved in the process.
244272007-02-15desruisseauxRemoved the Collection<OperationMethod> hack in some MathTransform creators. Replaced by a getLastUsedMethod() method implemented by a ThreadLocal.
243842007-02-14desruisseauxGEOT-1160: First working implementation of AbstractAuthorityFactory.find(IdentifiedObject). This includes a package-privated AuthorityFactoryProxy class, together with many fix in the code base in order to get CRS.equalsIgnoreCase to work in the ProjectedCRS case.
241642007-02-03desruisseauxImplemented the fallback for additional CRS beyong the ones defined in the EPSG database (GEOT-774)
240002007-01-22desruisseauxApplied GEOT-1129 fix. Also cosmetic edition in projections (mostly fixing encoding problems in javadoc comments).
236352007-01-01desruisseauxUses fully-qualified class name (instead of last name only) in logging. More work on versioned URN:OGC:DEF factory.
236342007-01-01desruisseauxNow supports the version information provided in the 'urn:ogc:def:type:authority:version:code' string.
236322006-12-29desruisseauxGEOT-859: Refactored the URN syntax adapter for CRS factories. The adapter now apply to any factory. Some progress toward version management (but not yet there). NOTE: this new implementation forces axis order "as specified in the database", which is different from the original "URNEPSGAdapter" implementation which used (x,y) order. Various changes in many corners of "org.geotools.referencing.factory" as a side-effect of this work. Minor opportunist javadoc fixes in other modules.
234932006-12-17desruisseauxFixed GEOT-1008 in referencing module. Javadoc update in metadata module.
229592006-11-24desruisseauxAligned Geotools build along latest GeoAPI interfaces (2.1-SNAPSHOT).
223272006-10-23desruisseauxGEOT-982: regroup 'module', 'plugin', 'ext' and 'unsupported' in a common directory.
223152006-10-22desruisseauxReorganisation of directory tree structure (GEOT-982) phase 1: moved 'src' to 'src/main/java'.
208742006-08-07jgarnettip review
206522006-07-21desruisseauxRenamed some resources. Changed exception type.
206012006-07-18desruisseauxAvoid sequence of extra blank spaces in SQL statements (an easy action for saving a few bytes in the class files). Removed obsolete comment from epsg-hsql test suite.
205772006-07-17aaimeAdded a couple of caches and changed one statement, tests go down from 2 minutes to 35 seconds :-)
205662006-07-17desruisseauxAttempt (not really successfull) to speedup the epsg-hsql test suite.
197552006-05-31desruisseauxAdded FORCE_LONGITUDE_FIRST_AXIS_ORDER hint (GEOT-858). This work implied a large amount of work, hunting for infinite recursive method calls in many places.
196762006-05-25desruisseauxRemoved deprecated classes and methods from the referencing module
194052006-05-09desruisseauxFixed GEOT-846 (patch by David Heath)
176722006-01-19desruisseauxAdded @source tag.
176602006-01-18desruisseauxFixed SVN attributes, including the addition of URL attribute.
169832005-11-25desruisseauxReplaced references to static fields and methods of CitationImpl.* by Citations.*
153502005-08-16desruisseauxMerged the 'split-main' branch to trunk (GEOT-662)
152992005-08-11desruisseauxAdded CRS.VALID.AREA formula in OpenOffice addin / Added convenience methods for fetching GeographicBoundingBox and for fetching coordinate operation accuracy / Bug fix for parameter using dimensionless unit in EPGS database
152562005-08-09desruisseauxExtraction of referencing module from main
152552005-08-09desruisseauxPrepare branch for splitting main
151502005-08-05desruisseauxAdded more localizations / Bug fix in image sample values table widget
149592005-07-28desruisseauxAdded orthodromic distance computation to OpenOffice formulas
149112005-07-26desruisseauxFixed GEOT-627, 630, 631, 632 and 634
148342005-07-20desruisseauxReorganized I18N resources
146102005-06-26desruisseauxCoordinateOperationFactory is now backed by an EPSG authority when available (GEOT-592)
146092005-06-26desruisseauxCoordinateOperation sets are now ordered using information provided in the 'supersession' table (GEOT-593)
146082005-06-25desruisseauxEPSG authority factory now uses path informations for ConcatenatedOperation object creations / Added PostgreSQL plugin (mostly as a demo) / Javadoc fixes
146022005-06-24desruisseauxEPSG factory now have a standalone (and buffered) createOperationMethod (GEOT-596)
145932005-06-23desruisseauxFirst JUnit test for 'createCoordinateOperation' (GEOT-589)
145922005-06-23desruisseauxAdded a test case for GeocentricTranslation
145812005-06-22desruisseauxImplemented South-Orientated transverse mercator / more GEOT-589 work
145702005-06-21desruisseauxAddition of geocentric affine transform as of GEOT-591
145642005-06-20desruisseauxInitial implementation of GEOT-589. Partially tested, more tests to come
145602005-06-17desruisseauxImplemented the 'getAuthorityCodes()' and 'getDescriptionText(...)' methods in EPSG factory
145512005-06-16desruisseauxEPSG authority factory now accepts name as well as numerical identifier (GEOT-586)
142352005-06-10desruisseauxReplaced _PROPERTY suffix by _KEY as of GEOT-577
140602005-06-03desruisseauxFirst working version of epsg-hsql plugin (including the EPSG database as SQL script)
139252005-05-30desruisseauxAdded @since javadoc tag
139222005-05-29desruisseauxRenaming of remainding GeoAPI implementations. Renaming is now finished.
139062005-05-28desruisseauxRenamed some 'Default' prefix as 'Abstract'
138692005-05-27desruisseauxAdded 'Default' or 'Abstract' prefix in CRS's 'datum' and 'cs' packages
138362005-05-26desruisseauxAdded 'Default' suffix to some CRS implementations: partial work
138232005-05-26desruisseauxUnsuccesfull attempt for getting HSQL to work with EPSG database in a JAR
138132005-05-26desruisseauxRenamed EPSG factory implementations
138062005-05-25desruisseauxMoved Units class from org.geotools.nature to org.geotools.measure package
137782005-05-25desruisseauxInitial draft of EPSG-HSQL plugin (database not yet included)
137522005-05-23desruisseauxAdded the 'Impl' suffix to direct implementations of all metadata interfaces; deprecated the old implementations (not yet deleted).
129652005-04-05desruisseauxMerged 'factory-hints' branch r12393:12964 into the trunk. Added 'getImplementationHints()' method after the merge into Factory implementations, in order to get Geotools to compile with Maven.
129522005-04-03desruisseauxUpdated metadata implementation for GeoAPI changes (GEO-51 and GEO-56)
115102005-02-18desruisseauxPorted the WKT-based EPSG factory from plugin/epsg
115092005-02-17desruisseauxReplaced ELLIPSOIDAL vertical type by GEOIDAL
114632005-02-17desruisseauxRemplaced JDBC DriverManager by JDBC DataSource / Added EPSG FactoryForSQL
114042005-02-15desruisseauxEPSGFactory created only when first needed instead of in the DefaultFactory constructor
113852005-02-14desruisseauxFinal working version of EPSG factory. Now registered in ServiceRegistry
113822005-02-14desruisseauxAdded BufferedAuthorityFactory
113712005-02-14desruisseauxRenamed DefaultObjectFactory as GeotoolsFactory (GEOT-420, now closed)
113702005-02-13desruisseauxRefactored factories in an 'org.geotools.referencing.factory' package
113672005-02-13desruisseauxPort of EPSG authority factory now completed. Preliminary tests seem okay. Not yet registered in FactoryFinder.
113662005-02-12desruisseauxAlmost fully functional EPSG factory (remaining bug in ProjectedCRS parameter names)
113652005-02-12desruisseauxEPSG authority factory milestone: now supports GeographicCRS and VerticalCRS
113632005-02-12desruisseauxMilestone in EPSG factory port: Datum now fully supported
113362005-02-11desruisseauxAdded support for sexagesimal degrees (required for EPSG database)
113332005-02-11desruisseauxFirst draft of an EPSG authority factory port
110022005-02-02desruisseauxFixed wrong encoding in legacy/src
108942005-01-31dzwiersmoved legacy
108212005-01-28dzwiersmoving legacy crs --- will break code base
107962005-01-28dzwiersimports cleaned
68882004-07-14desruisseauxUpdate for GeoAPI changes (Info --> IdentifiedObject)
67292004-07-06desruisseauxRemoved some deprecated classes
64102004-06-12jgarnettAdded geoapi dependency to imagedatasource, and fixed spelling mistake in view.
62102004-05-27desruisseauxJavadoc fixes / Added Id keyword property
61752004-05-26desruisseauxReplaced org.geotools.pt.AngleXXX by org.geotools.measure.AngleXXX
61562004-05-25desruisseauxMoved MonolineFormatter to the org.geotools.util package
59222004-05-23jgarnettcts-coordtrans moved to main
57742004-05-23jgarnettgeotools-src serves as the start of our new module directory (the data access modules will escape off to plugin directory soon)
57692004-05-23jgarnettProject renamed to gt
56192004-05-13(pas d'auteur)Move repository under gt.
51932004-04-05desruisseauxFirst try for a concatenation of WGS84ConversionInfo objects
50372004-02-12desruisseauxResources update
49952004-02-09desruisseauxDo not requires ellipsoid for vertical datum
49622004-02-03desruisseauxUpdated javadoc / use 'default' string in order to reset the default
49472004-01-25desruisseauxAdded Rueben Schulz in the list of authors
49442004-01-25desruisseauxRemoved the need for 'Codes' table (this table was removed since EPSG database version 6.3)
48852004-01-09desruisseauxChanged IllegalArgumentException into IllegalStateException
48772004-01-08desruisseauxAdded a switch for alternative default implementation
45622003-11-12desruisseauxRemoved " mark from JavaDoc, since it seems a kind of deprecated feature. See http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-html/1997Mar/0005.html
36062003-08-04desruisseauxPMD fixes
32752003-07-11desruisseauxAdded convenience method / Bug fix / javadoc fixes
28582003-05-13desruisseauxAdded PMC owner to copyright notice
28552003-05-12desruisseauxAdded an 'adaptSQL' hook
23782003-02-26desruisseauxRemoved unused local variables
16892002-10-17desruisseauxBug fix: ranges of values in the [Codes] table may overlaps
15942002-09-19desruisseauxReplace multi-radix units by plain units
14952002-08-24desruisseauxImproved EPSG factory
14862002-08-20desruisseauxChanged logger name from module to package
13242002-07-31desruisseauxImproved caching
13202002-07-30desruisseauxSlight optimization
13192002-07-30desruisseauxFixed typo in javadoc
13172002-07-30desruisseauxFirst working implementation of EPSG factory
13152002-07-29desruisseauxContinue EPSG factory implementation
12972002-07-28desruisseauxFirst implementation of the EPSG factory