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307602008-06-18desruisseauxUpgrated from JSR-108 to JSR-275 (GEOT-1266). Some opportunist javadoc fixes and @Override annotations in the process.
306412008-06-12acusterCopyright headers: lib/referencing, this time with feeling (and the el in Toolkit)
305212008-06-05acusterCopyright: Update referencing headers
302582008-05-08acusterReshuffle the top level repo: drop uDig, move up trunk, tags, and branches.
302572008-05-08acusterMove trunk/gt/ directory contents up to trunk/ and drop gt
298522008-04-08desruisseauxThe previous commit was about simplifying (in the sense of simplier MathTransform result, not simplier code) ConcatenatedTransform. This commit is about simplifying the ConcatenatedOperation which contains that ConcatenatedTransform. Related to GEOT-1419.
298452008-04-08desruisseauxMore aggressive simplification of MathTransforms during concatenation. It is probably related to GEOT-1419, but I have not verified. This fix results in drastic performance improvement for the cases where DefaultConcatenatedTransform previously failed to see concatenation that could be simplified to identity transform. Those cases occured more often in 3D or 4D cases. It may have some benefit in the pure 2D case as well, but probably less often.
297532008-04-01desruisseauxApplied parameterized types as a side-effect of hunting for a DimensionMismatchException during reprojection.
296982008-03-21desruisseauxMosaicImageReader select preferably a ColorModel with transparency if available. A few Java 5 constructs in referencing module.
289222008-01-24acusterBump the (at)since version to 2.5 since WKTParser was cut from 2.4
285402007-12-29acusterHide buttons which are not yet used
282522007-12-04desruisseauxMore MosaicImageReader work. As a side effect, moved Utilities.getShort[Class]Name in a separated utilities class named 'Classes'. Also added a couple of @Override annotations.
280692007-11-27desruisseauxJava 5 generics in, and partially in org.geotools.parameters.
280302007-11-23desruisseauxMore Java 5 generics. Added implementation for three new GeoAPI methods for alignment with RFC 07-073r1.
279952007-11-22desruisseauxMore generics type, and moved two methods from ReferencingFactoryContainer to GeoAPI MathTransformFactory interface. Note that the build fails in the arcsde module for a reason that seems unrelated to this work.
275752007-10-22desruisseauxConverted Java source files from ISO-LATIN-1 encoding to UTF-8 (GEOT-1516).
257552007-06-06desruisseauxAvoid an UnsupportedOperationException with ConcatenatedTransform. Added more test point in the Stereographic projection test.
254062007-05-03desruisseaux-Dorg.geotools.referencing.forceXY system property was broken. Should now be fixed.
252622007-04-23desruisseauxFinished review of metadata and factory hints change. Fixed a potential glitch in parameter names handling (some code were disabled in AbstractIdentifiedObject apparently in order to avoid a ClassCastException caused by the spit of org.opengis.metadata.Identifier in two interfaces, Identifier and ReferenceIdentifier. Fixed the exception and reenabled the code). Not sure yet what the consequence was. It may help for the stereographic projection issue, but need to check.
250502007-04-06jgarnettexample of custom file based TestSutie, copy JTS parsing code over to unsupported/geometry
245812007-02-26desruisseauxRewrote 'createLinearConversion' from scratch, since testing of 'South Oriented' cases of map projections show some issues with the old implementation.
224822006-10-31desruisseauxFixed svn:ignore property and removed svn:executable.
223272006-10-23desruisseauxGEOT-982: regroup 'module', 'plugin', 'ext' and 'unsupported' in a common directory.
223152006-10-22desruisseauxReorganisation of directory tree structure (GEOT-982) phase 1: moved 'src' to 'src/main/java'.
215642006-09-23desruisseauxProvide a BufferedCoordinateOperationFactory as a replacement of BufferedDefaultCoordinateOperationFactory. The new implementation work as a wrapper around an arbitrary CoordinateOperationFactory instead of extending DefaultCoordinateOperationFactory. This is especially important since the actual backing factory doesn't need to be DefaultCoordinateOperationFactory, but can also be a AuthorityBackedFactory. The new implementation is automatically registered for FactoryFinder use, so users doesn't need to create instance of it explicitly.
208742006-08-07jgarnettip review
197692006-06-02desruisseauxJavadoc fix: replaced 'degrees' by 'decimal degrees' when relevant (GEOT-855)
197552006-05-31desruisseauxAdded FORCE_LONGITUDE_FIRST_AXIS_ORDER hint (GEOT-858). This work implied a large amount of work, hunting for infinite recursive method calls in many places.
196432006-05-24desruisseauxFirst fix attempt for GEOT-854: CRS with modified axis order now preserve the metadata, including the authority code. The dangerous thing is that two CRS may now have the same authority code while being really different CRS. It caused an infinite loop in AuthorityBackedFactory, which was fixed in this commit as well. However, there is a risk that similar problems appear in user's code as well.
195572006-05-18desruisseauxAuthorityBackedFactory now take inverse transform in account. Improved pseudo-WKT formatting for CoordinateOperation.
195152006-05-17desruisseauxConstruction of transformation chain now query the database for intermediate steps. Revisited documentation.
176722006-01-19desruisseauxAdded @source tag.
176602006-01-18desruisseauxFixed SVN attributes, including the addition of URL attribute.
153502005-08-16desruisseauxMerged the 'split-main' branch to trunk (GEOT-662)
153252005-08-13desruisseauxCreated a matrix package on top of vecmath / Fixed 'getPositionalAccuracy' issues
153192005-08-12desruisseauxBug fix for GEOT-660 and GEOT-661: BursaWolfParameters now used even if Hints.LENIENT_DATUM_SHIFT is true
152562005-08-09desruisseauxExtraction of referencing module from main
152552005-08-09desruisseauxPrepare branch for splitting main
149342005-07-27desruisseauxTransformations between 3D ProjectedCRS should propagate the height (GEOT-637, 638 and 639)
148342005-07-20desruisseauxReorganized I18N resources
146082005-06-25desruisseauxEPSG authority factory now uses path informations for ConcatenatedOperation object creations / Added PostgreSQL plugin (mostly as a demo) / Javadoc fixes
145932005-06-23desruisseauxFirst JUnit test for 'createCoordinateOperation' (GEOT-589)
145642005-06-20desruisseauxInitial implementation of GEOT-589. Partially tested, more tests to come
145502005-06-16desruisseauxRemoved deprecated fields and methods
145452005-06-15desruisseauxInitial port of coverage I/O helper classes (work in progress)
139252005-05-30desruisseauxAdded @since javadoc tag
139222005-05-29desruisseauxRenaming of remainding GeoAPI implementations. Renaming is now finished.
139072005-05-28desruisseauxMore additions of 'Default' prefix in CRS package
139062005-05-28desruisseauxRenamed some 'Default' prefix as 'Abstract'
138692005-05-27desruisseauxAdded 'Default' or 'Abstract' prefix in CRS's 'datum' and 'cs' packages
138362005-05-26desruisseauxAdded 'Default' suffix to some CRS implementations: partial work
133962005-05-07desruisseauxImplemented MolodenskiTransform.inverse(). Merged AbridgedMolodenskiTransform with MolodenskiTransform as a side effect.
133872005-05-06desruisseauxAdded Hints.LENIENT_DATUM_SHIFT and the necessary mechanic to honor it
129652005-04-05desruisseauxMerged 'factory-hints' branch r12393:12964 into the trunk. Added 'getImplementationHints()' method after the merge into Factory implementations, in order to get Geotools to compile with Maven.
113702005-02-13desruisseauxRefactored factories in an 'org.geotools.referencing.factory' package
113332005-02-11desruisseauxFirst draft of an EPSG authority factory port
112492005-02-10desruisseauxMoved axis framework from 'legacy' to 'migrate'
112482005-02-10desruisseauxLimited support for transformations between 3D CRS
112122005-02-09desruisseauxInitial work on Z-values handling
111742005-02-08desruisseauxCoordinateOperationFactory now make use of 'Molodenski' transform (GEOT-399)
111732005-02-08desruisseauxAxis changes steps now collapsed (GEOT-402)
111462005-02-07desruisseauxCoordinateOperationFactory refactoring
111442005-02-07desruisseauxFixed GEOT-400 (create appropriate instance of Operation subclasses)
111402005-02-06desruisseauxWork in progres for GEOT-400 (CoordinateOperationFactory should create appropriate subclass of CoordinateOperation)
111372005-02-05desruisseauxTune CRS tests (e.g. allow different tolerance level for assertions in different projections)
111002005-02-04desruisseauxMore tests and bug fixes in CRS
110932005-02-03desruisseauxRoolback to createParameterizedTransform without classification parameter
110752005-02-03desruisseauxFixed never-ending loop in CoordinateTransformationFactory
110742005-02-03desruisseauxRevisited CRSFactory.createProjectedCRS(...) API
110012005-02-02desruisseauxFixed wrong encoding in main/src
107962005-01-28dzwiersimports cleaned
104692005-01-11desruisseauxReplaced calls to 'getDim[Source|Target]' by 'get[Source|Target]Dimensions
102282005-01-04desruisseauxRenamed 'getDimSource' as 'getSourceDimension'
101832005-01-03desruisseauxMoved tests from legacy CTS to new CRS packages
93462004-11-30desruisseauxFirst working version of CoordinateOperationFactory
92672004-11-23desruisseauxFirst draft of a coordinate transformation factory
86602004-10-17rschulzupdated for recent change from InternationalString to Identifier
78482004-09-08jgarnettround 2 of sync with geoapi
67292004-07-06desruisseauxRemoved some deprecated classes
62392004-05-28desruisseauxReplaced org.geotools.[...].NoninvertibleTransformException by org.opengis.[...].NoninvertibleTransformException
62102004-05-27desruisseauxJavadoc fixes / Added Id keyword property
61492004-05-25desruisseauxMoved image related resources in org.geotools.resources.image package
59232004-05-23jgarnettcts-coordtrans moved to main
57742004-05-23jgarnettgeotools-src serves as the start of our new module directory (the data access modules will escape off to plugin directory soon)
57692004-05-23jgarnettProject renamed to gt
56192004-05-13(pas d'auteur)Move repository under gt.
51272004-03-08desruisseauxAdded PROMISCUOUS coordinate system / removed deprecated methods
51252004-03-07aaimeAdded partial support for CARTESIAN coordinate system that will be treated as a wildcard.
36532003-08-07desruisseauxBug fix in prime meridian handling
36062003-08-04desruisseauxPMD fixes
28582003-05-13desruisseauxAdded PMC owner to copyright notice
28512003-05-12desruisseauxFixed 'createSubTransform' method
27722003-04-29desruisseauxRMI objects now extend 'UnicastRemoteObject' instead of 'RemoteObject'
21482003-01-20desruisseauxAdded FittedCoordinateSystem / Overrided hashCode() / Use factories in Adapters
21422003-01-18desruisseauxReorganized exception hierarchy
21332003-01-15desruisseauxReorganized Adapters as an hierarchy for consistency with gcs-coverage
16552002-10-13desruisseauxTake vertical axis in account during transformations between ProjectedCS
16532002-10-13desruisseauxTake vertical axis in account during transformation between two geographic CS
16502002-10-10desruisseauxJavadoc fix
16352002-10-09desruisseauxBug fix in CoordinateTransformationFactory
16342002-10-09desruisseauxBug fix in CoordinateTransformationFactory
16242002-10-07desruisseauxImproved doc and added the OpenGIS test case
16232002-10-07desruisseauxBug fix: units was not properly converted if their transformation were not on the matrix's diagonal
13242002-07-31desruisseauxImproved caching
10402002-07-12desruisseauxRemoved use of a deprecated method
6192002-06-01desruisseauxInitial CT implementation (moved from SEAGIS project)