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335712009-07-16jesseeicharfix for GEOT-2613
321912009-01-09jesseeicharfix for GEOT-2266
314872008-09-10desruisseauxGEOT-1720: CRS.getHorizontalCRS(...) now handles 3D GeographicCRS.
306412008-06-12acusterCopyright headers: lib/referencing, this time with feeling (and the el in Toolkit)
305212008-06-05acusterCopyright: Update referencing headers
302582008-05-08acusterReshuffle the top level repo: drop uDig, move up trunk, tags, and branches.
302572008-05-08acusterMove trunk/gt/ directory contents up to trunk/ and drop gt
299552008-04-17desruisseauxAdded a paranoiac check for CRS.transform(CoordinateOperation, ...) working on envelopes crossing axis extremums. Fixed a NoSuchElementException in MosaicImageReader when the requested region has no tiles. Fixed a NullPointerException in MosaicImageWriter when the allowed memory is smaller than the area of the smallest tile.
297232008-03-27desruisseauxAdded serialVersionIUD in MapProjection with values computed from the 2.4.1 release for cross-version compatibility. NewZealandMapGrid now creates Complex object in method body on the assumption that modern compilers can allocate on stack. Provides a way to reinitialize the warnings for every MapProjections in a JVM. Formatting.
296302008-03-14desruisseauxRelaxed assertion in CRS. Fixed a biais in bounding box calculation in MosaicImageReader.
295702008-03-07desruisseauxRenamed GeneralEnvelope.validate as GeneralEnvelope.normalize in anticipation of GEOT-1724. More TreeNode tests and bug fixes for MosaicImageReader.
294162008-02-21desruisseauxAdded a GeneralEnvelope.validate() method for restricting an envelope to its CRS or CS domain of validity, wraping around longitude if needed. Relaxed the transformations between GeographicBoundingBox and Envelope, accepting GeographicCRS that are not necessarly WGS84.
290012008-01-30desruisseauxA few bug fixes, especially in Resampler2D including a workaround for a JAI 1.1.3 bug. For other files, replaced Hints.OVERVIEW_POLICY values from String to OverviewPolicy enum.
289742008-01-27desruisseauxGEOT-1659 fix: CRS.decode(...) search for URN factory even if system hints contains "force longitude first" hint.
289372008-01-25desruisseauxReverted the whole trunk to revision 28921.
289262008-01-24acusterRevert geotools trunk to reversion 29822, hopefully.
289232008-01-24acusterMerge from gtbranches
289222008-01-24acusterBump the (at)since version to 2.5 since WKTParser was cut from 2.4
288462008-01-20desruisseauxCovariant return type for inverse() method in MathTransform1D and MathTransform2D. Also javadoc fixes and Java 5 type safety. Changed ViewType to an enum and initial implementation of GridCoverageViews (not yet connected to GridCoverage2D).
286692008-01-09desruisseauxRemoved deprecated DataSource interface in order to simplify the EPSG factory code, for making debugging easier. Fixed a bug in the search for authority name as a side effect of GEOT-1659 investigation. Code formatting.
286572008-01-09danieler-substituted usage of CRSUtilities.getCRS2D with CRS.getHorizontalCRS where it applied
285402007-12-29acusterHide buttons which are not yet used
285212007-12-27desruisseauxType safety.
284952007-12-24desruisseauxMoved toSRS(...) close to methods doing a similar job (lookup...).
284812007-12-21jgarnettRenamed NameThatFilterVisitor to OperatorNameFilterVisitor based on feedback, introduced a utility method for CRS toSRS in order to avoid duplicate code between GML handling code and fitler BBOX
283912007-12-16desruisseauxAttempt to make FactoryCreator more tolerant to dependencies that can't be fetched for a given set of hints (GEOT-1618). Also cleaned a little bit of calls to 'unexpectedException' as a side effect.
283302007-12-12jgarnettallow main to build with epsg-wkt again; looking into why the lenient datum transform is unhappy
280812007-11-27desruisseauxJava 5 constructs: replaced some StringBuffer by StringBuilder in order to avoid unecessary synchronisation; rely on auto-boxing in order to give a chance to the JVM to reuse its cached values.
279722007-11-21desruisseauxMore use of Java 5 generic. The generic spotted for us a bug in Citation.getIdentifiers(), which returns a set of Strings when it should returns a set of Identifiers. Not yet fixed because it will require a search in the whole GeoTools code base. I wish we used Generic types sooner for preventing this kind of bug...
279312007-11-19jdeolivemade getEpsgCode() call through to AbstractIdentifiedObject.getIdentifier() and grouped with other lookup methods
279262007-11-18jdeoliveAdded convenience method for determine the epsg code from a crs object
278472007-11-12desruisseauxReplaced some references to 'org.geotools.util' by references to 'org.geotools.util.logging'. Removed the old classes to make sure that there is no more accidental references. Note that the old classes will not be removed from the 2.4 branch.
276302007-10-26desruisseauxReplaced no-breaking spaces by ordinary spaces, in order to make easier the merge between the branch (ISO-LATIN-1) and the trunk (UTF-8). Those no-breaking spaces were typo caused by particular keyboard configuration. They appear only in comments, nothing in code.
275752007-10-22desruisseauxConverted Java source files from ISO-LATIN-1 encoding to UTF-8 (GEOT-1516).
263762007-07-30desruisseauxBug fix in GeographicBoundingBoxImpl(Envelope) constructor.
258232007-06-13desruisseauxCleanup and javadoc update.
257922007-06-11desruisseauxTake advantage from the fact that the center point is already projected by 'transform(MathTransform, ...)' methods: reuse that point instead of reprojecting it again.
257892007-06-11aaimeUse the source envelope center instead of the (badly) projected one
257872007-06-10desruisseauxUse CRS.transform(CoordinateOperation, ...) instead of CRS.transform(MathTransform, ...) where applicable.
257792007-06-08desruisseauxAdded CRS.transform(CoordinateOperation, ...) methods, which are able to handle the special cases where the source envelope contains a singularity like a pole or the 180° longitude. As a side effect, changed Envelope.toString() to a more straightforward formatting, easier for debugging.
254772007-05-10desruisseauxGEOT-1265: Tuned the factory chain.
254762007-05-09desruisseauxGEOT-1265: provides a way to print a tree of authority factory dependencies.
254062007-05-03desruisseaux-Dorg.geotools.referencing.forceXY system property was broken. Should now be fixed.
253972007-05-01desruisseauxGEOT-1160: AllAuthoritiesFactory now work. It was the last step for making the connection with CRS.lookupIdentifier(...).
252622007-04-23desruisseauxFinished review of metadata and factory hints change. Fixed a potential glitch in parameter names handling (some code were disabled in AbstractIdentifiedObject apparently in order to avoid a ClassCastException caused by the spit of org.opengis.metadata.Identifier in two interfaces, Identifier and ReferenceIdentifier. Fixed the exception and reenabled the code). Not sure yet what the consequence was. It may help for the stereographic projection issue, but need to check.
251482007-04-11jgarnettforceXY handled in CRS as a tempoary hack
250502007-04-06jgarnettexample of custom file based TestSutie, copy JTS parsing code over to unsupported/geometry
250182007-04-04jgarnettdo not hook up global hints on CRS utility class
250092007-04-04jgarnettbreakout onto seperate lines for debugging
250082007-04-04jgarnettSet GeoTools.getDefaultHints() to null while we debug BufferedCoordinateOperationFactory
250052007-04-04jgarnettsame same but different
250022007-04-03jgarnettused factory registry to manage singletons, isolated by GeoTools.getDefaultHints
250012007-04-03chornerswitched back to geoapi 2.1-SNAPSHOT; reverted GeographicBoundingBox
249732007-03-30chornerGEO-93: GeoTools/GeoAPI ISO 19115 Metadata synchronization
249252007-03-27jgarnettchange to org.opengis.geometry
246392007-03-01aaimeDont' force lon/lat orientation during decoding. Makes some issues with epsg-extension apparent, and it's not correct anyways (we should respect the system way axis orientation)
246072007-02-26desruisseauxAvoid UnformattableObjectException for 'LOCAL_CS' and 'VERT_CS' WKT elements. Try to provides some hints about the cause for the other cases of unformattable WKT.
245392007-02-20desruisseauxExclude for now authority codes from syntax coloring, since they are not compared by CRS.equalsIgnoreMetadata(...). This is an attempt to stick to a simplier definition of what the syntax coloring means.
245382007-02-20desruisseauxAdded optional syntax coloring for CRS's WKT formatting. This is an attempt to make analysis of WKT a little bit easier.
244952007-02-19desruisseauxMore work on the command line tool.
244352007-02-16desruisseauxFirst draft of a CRS.main(String[]) method, as a more generic replacement of DefaultFactory.main(String[]). A bug in AllAuthorityFactory.getAuthorityCodes() has been resolved in the process.
243842007-02-14desruisseauxGEOT-1160: First working implementation of AbstractAuthorityFactory.find(IdentifiedObject). This includes a package-privated AuthorityFactoryProxy class, together with many fix in the code base in order to get CRS.equalsIgnoreCase to work in the ProjectedCRS case.
242752007-02-08aaimeAdded CRS reverse lookup method, from CRS to its id
240842007-01-27desruisseauxFixed a few javadoc warnings.
236352007-01-01desruisseauxUses fully-qualified class name (instead of last name only) in logging. More work on versioned URN:OGC:DEF factory.
229972006-11-26desruisseauxReplaced the use of some deprecated methods (MonolineFormatter.initGeotools --> Logging.forceMonolineConsoleOutput; Utilities.unexpectedException --> Logging.unexpectedException; GeneralEnvelope.getCoordinateReferenceSystem --> Envelope.getCoordinateReferenceSystem).
224522006-10-28desruisseauxMoved some methods from CRSUtilities to CRS (GEOT-547).
224432006-10-27desruisseauxSplitted referencing, extracting metadata in their own module (GEOT-983). As a side effect, replaced some calls of by
223272006-10-23desruisseauxGEOT-982: regroup 'module', 'plugin', 'ext' and 'unsupported' in a common directory.
223152006-10-22desruisseauxReorganisation of directory tree structure (GEOT-982) phase 1: moved 'src' to 'src/main/java'.
217802006-10-03desruisseauxRemoved methods from the referencing module that were deprecated in Geotools 2.3. This imply the replacement of 'CRS.transform' by 'CRS.findMathTransform' in the whole Geotools code base.
209742006-08-11jgarnettfindMathTransform added at the request of acuster, GEOT-919
208742006-08-07jgarnettip review
205372006-07-14desruisseaux1) Added a notice that org.geotools.nature package is also available under BSD license on JScience project. 2) Fixed cross-module javadoc in such a way that 'referencing' package.html file has precedence over the various 'epsg-xxx' plugins package.html files. 3) Javadoc and formatting fixes.
204832006-07-11desruisseauxDocumentation fixes / avoid usage of deprecated methods.
203522006-07-07desruisseauxMoved a few classes from the 'migrate' module.
199622006-06-14desruisseauxMinor javadoc fixes.
199592006-06-14desruisseauxCRS.decode(String code, boolean longitudeFirst) now work. Also fixed GEOT-856.
199412006-06-13desruisseauxImplemented CRS.decode(String) on top of AllAuthoritiesFactory.
196762006-05-25desruisseauxRemoved deprecated classes and methods from the referencing module
187762006-03-22desruisseauxCRS.getEnvelope(...) returns an envelope in terms of the specified CRS instead of WGS84 (GEOT-825). AbstractFactory.hints type downgrated from 'Hints' to Map, in order to accept null values as specified in Factory.getImplementationHints() contract. PostgreSQL dependency upgrated.
183742006-03-01desruisseauxOne more CRS test. Addition of GeneralEnvelope.equals(Envelope, double epsilon) method.
176722006-01-19desruisseauxAdded @source tag.
176602006-01-18desruisseauxFixed SVN attributes, including the addition of URL attribute.
175222006-01-11desruisseauxAdded a few experimental @tutorial javadoc tags.
174602006-01-05desruisseauxAdded support classes for GO-1 implementation. Partial Maven 2 fixes for the new module/renderer module.
174492006-01-03desruisseauxAdded AllAuthoritiesFactory in referencing module. Maven 2 build fixes. Javadoc fixes.
172292005-12-08desruisseauxRefactored New Zealand Map Grid (NZMG) projection as a subclass of MapProjection.
169422005-11-23desruisseauxFirst draft of OrderedAxisAuthorityFactory (GEOT-694)
161722005-10-10desruisseauxMoved a JTS dependency from the CRS class to the JTS class (GEOT-716)
157982005-09-21jgarnettdragged a method of from 2.1.x
153502005-08-16desruisseauxMerged the 'split-main' branch to trunk (GEOT-662)
152802005-08-10desruisseauxMoved GCSUtilities / Moved 'shapeToGeometry' implementation code from 'GeodeticCalculator' to 'JTS' class
152562005-08-09desruisseauxExtraction of referencing module from main
152552005-08-09desruisseauxPrepare branch for splitting main
140632005-06-03dblasbyadded distance function
136902005-05-20jeicharmade renderer lenient with regards to transforming geometries
131292005-04-15desruisseauxName change: removed 'GT' suffix in org.geotools.coverage implementations. Some on them were replaced by 'General' prefix for consistency with 'GeneralEnvelope' and 'GeneralDirectPosition'. In this context 'General' means "Can work with an arbitrary number of dimension". Other name changes in org.geotools.referencing and org.geotools.metadata are pending the choice between 'Default' prefix and 'Impl' suffix
131192005-04-14desruisseauxMoved connection parameters to the EPSG MS-Access database into a separated module: plugin/epsg-access
130742005-04-12dblasbyadded ability to get list of supported projection codes
118742005-03-08jgarnettRemove CRS lookup System.out messages
113712005-02-14desruisseauxRenamed DefaultObjectFactory as GeotoolsFactory (GEOT-420, now closed)
111772005-02-08dzwiersCRS decode fix
111612005-02-07jgarnettadded trim().toUpperCase() to allow authority to be, well, less authoritive and more forgiving
111362005-02-05desruisseauxRefactored ClassFinder static methods as ordinary methods in a ServiceRegistry subclass: FactoryRegistry
110962005-02-04jgarnettUpdated AUTO, AUTO2 and EPSG metadata with appropriate identifier and contact info
110612005-02-03jeicharCRS OpperationVisitor spelling fixed
110572005-02-03jgarnetttransform method for easy access to CoordinateOpperation.getMathTransform from all available CoordinateOpperationFactories. CRS includes a visitor implementation over CoordinateOpperationFactory - the method is not public until Martin gives it the okay.
110062005-02-02jgarnettCRS decode and FactoryFinder (Referencing) can now locate CRSEPSGAuthorityFactory
109812005-02-01jgarnettNow with compile
109802005-02-01jgarnettCRS now available