Accessibility Work Bench

A test tool for the UNO Accessibility API

Last changed on April 25th 2003


The Accessibility Work Bench, or AWB for short, is a tool for testing the accessibility implementation of OpenOffice/StarOffice that uses the UNO Accessibility API (UAA) directly. There are other tools that use the Java Accessibility API (JAA). The AWB is implemented in Java. Its purpose is to give developers of the UAA a tool to aid them in testing and debugging their implementation.

Latest Version is 1.7

The current version is 1.7. The CVS tag is v1_7. Changes since the last version are:

Start Up

First be sure to compile the java source code by simply calling dmake. Before you start the AWB make sure that you have an Office running that accepts connections from outside. Start the Office like
soffice "-accept=socket,host=localhost,port=5678;urp;".
If you are unhappy with the port number you can change that but remember to tell the AWB of this. There are two ways to start the AWB:

  1. From a solar environment just call dmake run.
  2. Otherwise you have to specify the place of all necessary jar files with java -classpath .:<path-to-jar-files>/unoil.jar:<path-to-jar-files>/sandbox.jar:<path-to-jar-files>/ridl.jar:<path-to-jar-files>/jurt.jar:<path-to-jar-files>/juh.jar:<path-to-jar-files>/java_uno.jar AccessibilityWorkBench where <path-to-jar-files> has to be replaced with the name of the path where the jar file live. So, if you an office installed at /home/af/office then the command line is java -classpath .:/home/af/office/program/classes/unoil.jar:/home/af/office/program/classes/sandbox.jar:/home/af/office/program/classes/ridl.jar:/home/af/office/program/classes/jurt.jar:/home/af/office/program/classes/juh.jar:/home/af/office/program/classes/java_uno.jar AccessibilityWorkBench.

The AWB understands one option:

Graphical User Interface

The (somewhat outdated) image shows a screenshot of the AWB displaying the accessibility information of a char document. The most important parts of the AWB GUI are:

For up-to-date information please refer to the help text that is accessible through the Help->Help menu item.


The source code of the AWB is located in the test/accessibility directory of the toolkit project. You have to do a checkout from the CVS repository with a command like cvs checkout toolkit/test/accessibility after setting up the proper CVS server and logging in to it. Use a tag like v1_7 to check out a specific version. You can browse it here.