Class ArtifactProperties


public final class ArtifactProperties extends Object
The keys for common properties of artifacts.
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    • TYPE

      public static final String TYPE
      A high-level characterization of the artifact, e.g. "maven-plugin" or "test-jar".
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      public static final String LANGUAGE
      The programming language this artifact is relevant for, e.g. "java" or "none".
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      public static final String LOCAL_PATH
      The (expected) path to the artifact on the local filesystem. An artifact which has this property set is assumed to be not present in any regular repository and likewise has no artifact descriptor. Artifact resolution will verify the path and resolve the artifact if the path actually denotes an existing file. If the path isn't valid, resolution will fail and no attempts to search local/remote repositories are made.
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      public static final String INCLUDES_DEPENDENCIES
      A boolean flag indicating whether the artifact presents some kind of bundle that physically includes its dependencies, e.g. a fat WAR.
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      public static final String CONSTITUTES_BUILD_PATH
      A boolean flag indicating whether the artifact is meant to be used for the compile/runtime/test build path of a consumer project.
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      public static final String DOWNLOAD_URL
      The URL to a web page from which the artifact can be manually downloaded. This URL is not contacted by the repository system but serves as a pointer for the end user to assist in getting artifacts that are not published in a proper repository.
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