Class ConflictIdSorter

All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class ConflictIdSorter extends Object implements DependencyGraphTransformer
A dependency graph transformer that creates a topological sorting of the conflict ids which have been assigned to the dependency nodes. Conflict ids are sorted according to the dependency relation induced by the dependency graph. This transformer will query the key TransformationContextKeys.CONFLICT_IDS in the transformation context for an existing mapping of nodes to their conflicts ids. In absence of this map, the transformer will automatically invoke the ConflictMarker to calculate the conflict ids. When this transformer has executed, the transformation context holds a List<Object> that denotes the topologically sorted conflict ids. The list will be stored using the key TransformationContextKeys.SORTED_CONFLICT_IDS. In addition, the transformer will store a Collection<Collection<Object>> using the key TransformationContextKeys.CYCLIC_CONFLICT_IDS that describes cycles among conflict ids.