Interface ArtifactResolverPostProcessor

All Known Implementing Classes:
ArtifactResolverPostProcessorSupport, GroupIdRemoteRepositoryFilterSource, TrustedChecksumsArtifactResolverPostProcessor

Artifact resolver post-resolution processor component, is able to hook into resolver and post-process the resolved artifact results, if needed even produce resolution failure. It will always be invoked (even when failure is about to happen), so detecting these cases are left to post processor implementations.
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    • postProcess

      void postProcess(RepositorySystemSession session, List<ArtifactResult> artifactResults)
      Receives resolver results just before it would return it to caller. Is able to generate "resolution failure" by augmenting passed in ArtifactResults (artifacts should be "unresolved" and exceptions added).

      Implementations must be aware that the passed in list of ArtifactResults may have failed resolutions, best to check that using ArtifactResult.isResolved() method.

      The implementations must be aware that this call may be "hot", so it directly affects the performance of resolver in general.