Uses of Package

Packages that use org.eclipse.aether
The primary API of the RepositorySystem and its functionality.
The types and extension points for collecting the transitive dependencies of an artifact and building a dependency graph.
Support for downloads/uploads using remote repositories that have a URI-based content structure/layout.
The types supporting the publishing of artifacts to a remote repository.
The provisional interfaces defining the various subcomponents that implement the repository system.
The types supporting the publishing of artifacts to a local repository.
The various sub components that collectively implement the repository system.
Internal helper classes for dependency collector.
Utility classes to ease unit testing.
The definition of metadata, that is an auxiliary entity managed by the repository system to locate artifacts.
The definition of various kinds of repositories that host artifacts.
The types supporting the resolution of artifacts and metadata from repositories.
The contract to access artifacts/metadata in remote repositories.
The support infrastructure for repository connectors to apply checksum policies when validating the integrity of downloaded files.
The contract to locate URI-based resources using custom repository layouts.
The contract to download/upload URI-based resources using custom transport protocols.
The contract for custom local repository implementations.
The contract for synchronization context implementations.
A listener and various exception types dealing with the transfer of a resource between the local system and a remote repository.
Support for downloads that utilize the classpath as "remote" storage.
Support for downloads/uploads using the local filesystem as "remote" storage.
Support for downloads/uploads via the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.
Support for downloads/uploads using Apache Maven Wagon.
Miscellaneous utility classes.
Utilities for concurrent task processing.
Various dependency graph transformers for post-processing a dependency graph.
Various version filters for building a dependency graph.
Utilities to build repository and transfer listeners.
Ready-to-use selectors for authentication, proxies and mirrors and a few other repository related utilities.
The definition of a version scheme for parsing and comparing versions.