Class CpdRequest

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CpdRequest extends Object implements Serializable
Data object to store all configuration options needed to execute CPD as a separate process.

This class is intended to be serialized and read back.

Some properties might be optional and can be null.

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  • Constructor Details

    • CpdRequest

      public CpdRequest()
  • Method Details

    • setJavaExecutable

      public void setJavaExecutable(String javaExecutable)
    • setMinimumTokens

      public void setMinimumTokens(int minimumTokens)
    • setLanguage

      public void setLanguage(String language)
    • setLanguageProperties

      public void setLanguageProperties(Properties languageProperties)
    • setSourceEncoding

      public void setSourceEncoding(String sourceEncoding)
    • addFiles

      public void addFiles(Collection<File> files)
    • setExcludeFromFailureFile

      public void setExcludeFromFailureFile(String excludeFromFailureFile)
    • setTargetDirectory

      public void setTargetDirectory(String targetDirectory)
    • setOutputEncoding

      public void setOutputEncoding(String outputEncoding)
    • setFormat

      public void setFormat(String format)
    • setIncludeXmlInSite

      public void setIncludeXmlInSite(boolean includeXmlInSite)
    • setReportOutputDirectory

      public void setReportOutputDirectory(String reportOutputDirectory)
    • setShowPmdLog

      public void setShowPmdLog(boolean showPmdLog)
    • setColorizedLog

      public void setColorizedLog(boolean colorizedLog)
    • setLogLevel

      public void setLogLevel(String logLevel)
    • getJavaExecutable

      public String getJavaExecutable()
    • getMinimumTokens

      public int getMinimumTokens()
    • getLanguage

      public String getLanguage()
    • getLanguageProperties

      public Properties getLanguageProperties()
    • getSourceEncoding

      public String getSourceEncoding()
    • getFiles

      public List<File> getFiles()
    • getExcludeFromFailureFile

      public String getExcludeFromFailureFile()
    • getTargetDirectory

      public String getTargetDirectory()
    • getOutputEncoding

      public String getOutputEncoding()
    • getFormat

      public String getFormat()
    • isIncludeXmlInSite

      public boolean isIncludeXmlInSite()
    • getReportOutputDirectory

      public String getReportOutputDirectory()
    • isShowPmdLog

      public boolean isShowPmdLog()
    • isColorizedLog

      public boolean isColorizedLog()
    • getLogLevel

      public String getLogLevel()